No doubt, owners of Chevrolet cars were dismayed when the brand unceremoniously withdrew from the South African market in 2017. They might also have been miffed and irritated, seeing that the American brand has a patchy history in South Africa, having left once before. Worse is that some of the brand’s vehicle were much-loved by their drivers, especially enthusiasts’ models such as the legendary V8-powered Lumina saloons and pick-up trucks. Be that as it may, it seems that Chevrolet is gone for good this time and now owners of Chevys are probably concerned about their cars’ resale values and auto-spares availability.

New and Used Auto Spares for Chevrolets – and 5 Other Brands

While we cannot do much about the cars’ resale values, A.S.A.P. Spares can sell Chevy owners both new and used auto parts for their cars. There are thousands of the cars bearing the golden bowtie logo still running around on South African roads, so there is a steady supply of wrecks coming into our scrapyard, from which the general public can have us strip the parts they need for their cars. This is especially helpful if your car happens to be very old and you don’t want to spend the earth on parts – or if you drive a scarce model and new parts are simply not available for it anymore from any source.


You will not only find Chevrolet auto spares in our scrapyard, but also parts for Citroëns, Opels, Suzukis, Peugeots, and Renaults. And if you drive one of these six brands and your car is irreparably damaged in an accident, you can sell the wreck to us. We will strip all the salvageable parts from it to sell in our shop and you end up with a bit of money for your wreck, while we take it off your hands. This is especially useful if your car was only insured for third party, fire, and theft and you can expect no pay-out for it being written off.

Customer Satisfaction

We conduct all our business ethically and transparently and you as our customer can rest assured that you are also covered by the protection of the Consumer Protection Act (CPA). So, if you buy a faulty part from us, you can simply exchange it. Our customers keep coming back, not only for our affordable auto spares, but our excellent customer service. Put us to the test today.