The Benefits of Choosing Quality New and Used Car Parts

If you have been wondering where to buy new and used car parts at a reasonable price in South Africa, then you have come to the right place. Here at A.S.A.P Spares, we pride ourselves on selling clients durable and robust products for a fraction of the price that they would sell for at new. While we started out selling only Opel spares, our enterprise has grown increasingly over the years, and we now sell an array of used spares from leading brands such as Opel, Suzuki, Peugeot, Renault, Chevrolet, and Citroën.

auto spares pretoriaWe are now Pretoria’s largest second-hand car parts dealership, and for very good reason. We pride ourselves on quality and integrity and ensure that every product sold to our customers meets strict industry standards. No search is too big or too small for us at A.S.A.P Spares. Whatever your needs, we will happily do our best to source the perfect parts for you–even if it means reaching out to our extensive network to do so.

When considering where to buy spare used car parts, it is essential to choose a dealer who cares about durability, quality, and clear communication. Second-hand vehicle parts can save you a lot of money, and when you choose a dealership who places honesty at the fore, you certainly won’t go wrong. Let’s have a look at some key advantages that come with buying used car parts.


The Benefits of Buying Used Car Parts

There is a myriad of benefits that come with buying used car parts, and some of the key ones include:

  • Saving you money: There is no denying the fact that the key advantage that comes with buying used car parts is the price factor. Opting to buy second-hand vehicle parts can truly save you a great deal of money, and these savings can rather be put towards car insurance, fuel costs, or saving up for a future trade-in. You might even want to put these savings towards non-vehicle related plans such as upgrades to your home, a family holiday, debt repayments, or monthly expenses.


  • Accessing original equipment manufactured (OEM) products: Another bonus of opting for second-hand parts is that you can often access OEM parts. This is important for people driving older or even vintage cars, and means you can get your hands on the parts that were meant for your specific vehicle. OEM parts are naturally better for your car and will offer you peace of mind. Instead of opting for cheap and new generics, choose quality second-hand original parts that have been tried and tested. Second-hand parts will fit into your vehicle properly, ensuring that it functions optimally.


  • Enhancing your green footprint: If you care about the environment, then you will certainly believe in the importance of recycling. When you purchase used car parts, you are essentially recycling them and giving them a second chance at life. In doing so, you’re working towards decreasing the automotive industry’s huge impact on the environment. The manufacturing process in a number of factories and industries, unfortunately, harms the environment and results in increased carbon emissions. When we normalise buying used car parts and choosing second-hand products for reuse, we essentially slow down the need for excessive production. In turn, we elevate our environmental consciousness and do our bit for the planet.


  • Boosting your local economy: Added to the benefits on your wallet and the planet, is the benefit that opting for used car parts benefts your community. Supporting local dealerships means that you support a smaller, possibly even family managed business.You thus play a part in keeping the local business booming in your community. Rather than supporting large-scale corporations, support local business and be a part of the reason why your community succeeds.


Why Choose A.S.A.P Spares for Your Quality Used Car Spares?

As mentioned above, we are the largest supplier of used car parts in Pretoria. We have stood the test of time thanks to our outstanding customer service and our dedication when it comes to sourcing quality products at an affordable rate. Our services include:

  • New and used spares: Customers can browse our extensive product list and select brand-specific products. If you are unable to find a specific item online, you are welcome to contact us and we will do our best to find it for you. We believe in going the extra mile for our customers and will always work hard at finding what you need.
  • Working scrapyard: Customers are welcome to visit our well-maintained and meticulously organised scrapyard. The trade of scrap metal is certainly a unique one and purchasing spares from official brand-specific dealers can become costly. Scrapyards give you the option to search for what you need without having to spend a fortune. We source our vehicles from auctions, private sellers, and salvage yards, and we also sell complete engines.
  • Buying accident damaged vehicles: Along with our working scrapyard, we also purchase accident damaged vehicles from private buyers. If you have a vehicle that was damaged in a wreck and want to sell it, then it is time to get in touch. While it might not be in good enough condition for a trade-in or resale, it might work perfectly for our scrapyard.


If you are looking to buy new or used spares, want to sell your accident damaged vehicle, or simply want to look around our scrapyard, it’s time to pay us a visit or give us a call on (012) 379 1300. We look forward to hearing from you.