New and Used Renault Spares

Renault is a French automotive brand founded in 1899 that has been at the forefront of passenger and commercial vehicle manufacturing for more than a century. The company brought the world the Clio in 1990, a compact hatchback that became a runaway success over five generations. Their success story also extended to the rally circuit, with the successful Alpine A110 of the ’60s, of which a brand-new iteration was launched in 2017. They’ve also had several stints in Formula 1. With such a rich history that impacted the world of motoring, it is clear why so many people buy and drive Renaults today.

Although the French manufacturer’s cars are common on local roads, it can sometimes be difficult to locate certain Renault spares. It is of no use driving a car you love if you do not know where to buy affordable spares for it. Luckily, A.S.A.P. Spares is here to bring a solution to Renault owners in and around Pretoria. We specialise in six automotive brands, including Renault, and can supply new and used spares for our customers to buy at sensible prices. It may happen that we do not have a specific spare that you are looking for. Where to find it then? Simply make use of our request-a-part service and we will source that part on your behalf. This saves our customers valuable time and many frustrations. Therefore, A.S.A.P. is where you can buy a variety of Renault spares, and we will even go looking for them far and wide if we don’t have them on the shelf. Our premises also feature a tidy scrapyard that is open for our customers to browse through.

Yet we offer more than just spares. Road accidents are commonplace in South Africa. If your Renault is damaged in an accident, we can make you an offer and buy your damaged vehicle at a fair price. This will give us a car from which we can strip usable spares to sell in our shop, and you will have some money in your pocket to put towards replacing your daily driver. This can be a workable solution for people who cannot afford the repair costs of their vehicle, especially an old one no longer covered by comprehensive insurance. Rather than this becoming a headache – and you being stuck with the wreck – we can offer a solution where both parties walk away with a smile on their face.

We are in Pretoria West and specialises in Renault, Citroën, Peugeot, Suzuki, Opel, and Chevrolet spares. We offer a wide selection of new and used spares that you can buy at reasonable prices. Our scrapyard is where you can find specific parts for your vehicle, while our request-a-part service will allow you to get your hands on a part that we do not currently stock. As you can see, we have all the bases covered.

If you drive a car of one of our six specialist brands, we can deliver a sensible solution. Let us take care of all your car needs from under one roof. For more information, please contact us today with any enquiries.