The A.S.A.P. Spares auto-parts centre is located at 324 Van der Hoff Road, Pretoria West, and has become a well-known landmark in this part of the Jacaranda City, having opened its doors all the way back in 2001. Today, we specialise in six automotive brands – Opel, Suzuki, Peugeot, Renault, Citroën, and Chevrolet – for which we supply both new and used parts. In fact, we have become the default auto-parts centre in Pretoria and surrounding areas for owners of any of these brands and there are several good reasons for it:

  • New or used spares. Yes, you have a choice. If you buy from the agents, you pay a premium and you can only buy brand-new spares. We recognise that there is a need for used spares because why pay a lot for something new if a second-hand equivalent can do the job just as well? Why buy a new mirror, door handle, gear lever, or hubcap? We give you the choice with a selection of used spares.
  • Low prices. Pretoria motorists have access to an auto-parts centre where they pay less for their spares – even new spares. We provide value for money and quality in equal measure, so you never have to go anywhere else again for your car’s spares. The only condition is that it should be one of our specialist brands. Don’t be overcharged again for everyday spares.
  • We’ll find it. We pride ourselves on our exhaustive selection of spares but you might find that, on the day that you visit us, we might not have a specific part in stock. Alternatively, you just don’t feel like getting in your car and you want to know whether we have what you are looking for. For your convenience, we have a feature on our website where you can tell us what you need and we can check if we have it. If we don’t, we will look for it elsewhere in our supplier network and let you know once it arrives. Either way, you will certainly find our request-a-part service very useful and timesaving.
  • Browse yourself. On the premises of our auto-parts centre, we have a scrapyard where people from all over Pretoria and further afield love to browse amongst the wrecks for the parts they need. If you have found a part you want, our staff will strip it from the wreck for you.
  • We buy written-off cars. If you drive one of our specialist brands and your car has been written off or is damaged beyond economical repair, we can buy the wreck from you, taking it off your hands and leaving you with a bit of cash to spend any way you wish. This is ideal for people without insurance, or who are only covered for third party, theft, and fire. Now, you no longer have to worry about what to do with your wreck.

If you are looking for an auto-parts centre in Gauteng that can cater to your needs if you drive one of our six brands, A.S.A.P. Spares in Pretoria West may just be the answer. Call us today to learn more.