Tie Rods and Other Used Renault Spares

There are so many different car spares for your Renault that it can be overwhelming when scrolling through a reseller’s website, finding what you need. So, let us take a look at an often-overlooked and misunderstood spare part that plays an important role to keep your car safe on the road for longer.

Whether you might be thinking that it is time to replace your tie rod ends, or if your mechanic’s laid down the law, you first need to understand their basics. These basics include forming a better understanding of just what a tie rod end is. While a failing tie rod can be a big problem, causing play in the steering and misaligned wheels, there are some easy solutions to the troubles you might experience with them. Let us learn more about these spares.

What Is a Tie Rod End, and What Does It Do?

Tie rod ends are simple, yet essential parts responsible for connecting the steering rack to the steering knuckle on each front wheel. There’s an adjusting sleeve that sits between the outer and inner tyre rod ends. When you turn your steering wheel, it transmits that movement through various steering components, until the tie rod ends push or pull the wheel, and make the wheels turn.

Having the ability to turn corners with confidence is a pretty big deal, so tie rod ends play a large part in any vehicle’s safety while on the road. While it is deceptively simple looking, the outer tie rod end hides some internal parts. Let us take a closer look at the different pieces:

  • The rounded part houses numerous bearings, giving you proper steering movement while it compensates for bumpy roads.
  • The long shaft body passes steering movement to the ball stud.
  • The bushing is there to keep road grit out of sensitive internal parts.
  • The inner tie rod end straight body connects to a bearing housing, and it is all covered by a rubber protective dust boot.

Where Can You Find Tie Rods and Other Renault Spares?

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