Our Affordable Used Motor Spares Bring Normally Expensive Car Parts Within Easy Reach Of Motorists

The used motor spares industry has boomed in South Africa in recent times and there are several good reasons for this:

  • Modern cars have become increasingly expensive to maintain and replacement spares are sometimes hideously expensive when bought directly from the agents.
  • The recession has caused many people to feel the pinch and this has resulted in people seeking more avenues to cut costs, like sourcing used spares rather than new spares.
  • People with ageing vehicles do not want to over-capitalise on expensive parts when the vehicle is not worth much and they also opt for used spares in preference to new spares.
  • A sound used spare may be as good as new and give years and years of reliable service at a fraction of the price of a new one.


Expensive Car Parts

Even ordinary car parts have become more complicated and ever more expensive in the quest for sophistication and refinement and in some cases, exorbitant prices are the result.  Nowadays, it is not unusual to pay upward of R15,000 for a clutch replacement on what seems to be a very “normal”, non-premium car, because sophisticated dual-mass flywheels that help refinement also mean that not just the entire clutch assembly, but also the flywheel, have to be replaced.  Even a normal ECU (electronic control unit) that costs a few Rand to produce may cost anything from a few thousand Rand to over R20, 000 to replace and many people are not willing to pay these car parts prices, especially for cars whose warranties have expired.

Used Motor Spares at a Fraction of the Price

We buy wrecks of accident-damaged cars and when these are salvaged and stripped for spares, we are able to offer those spares at a very substantial saving over the price of the new equivalents.  At the moment, we specialise in the following brands:

  • Chevrolet
  • Peugeot
  • Renault
  • Citroën
  • Opel
  • Saab


However, we also buy and sell other types of wrecks, so you are welcome to pay us a visit and browse our well-kept scrapyard for the parts you are looking for.  We have in-house specialists on most of the above-mentioned brands who will help you to source the precise part you are looking for.

We Buy Wrecks

As we have mentioned, besides our used motor spares, we also buy wrecks and in some cases where people drive very old cars that are worth little and get damaged in an accident, the only way they can get back some money on the car is to sell the wreck.  Let us take your accident-damaged car off your hands and while we remove the headache of disposing of the vehicle, you at least get some cash back too.  If the damage is limited, it may be worth your while to repair the car and there again we may be able to help and make your repair exercise worth the outlay by providing affordable used motor spares for the job.