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Peugeot’s history in South Africa dates back all the way to 1902 when its first vehicle was imported and set wheels on South African soil. Over the years, the French brand became known for its vehicles’ understated design flair and durability. The iconic 202 traversed many a South Africa dirt track during the 1940s and its unusual design with large round headlights mounted behind the grille instead of on the fenders set it apart from other cars of the era. It is hard to believe that, by the time World War II broke out in 1939, the Peugeot company was already 129 years old! It was founded in 1810 and started out manufacturing bicycles and coffee mills long before cars.

Throughout the years, Peugeot was represented in South Africa with beloved icons such as the 404 and 504 models – true champions of Africa that still traverse the continent’s worst roads in their thousands, even today. They only ever left the South African market for 10 years from 1985 to 1995. The return timing was fortunate, as the superb 405 was still in production and South Africans were fortunate enough to buy these excellent cars in limited numbers during the late ’90s. In a sheltered market with relatively few choices at the time, the incredible balance between ride and handling the 405 exhibited was a revelation and this ability to design suspension systems equally adept on French cobblestone streets and winding mountain passes endeared the cars to their owners.


Official Channels Only

Of course, back then, modern Peugeots were rare in South Africa and the only way to maintain them was to have them serviced at (and procure spares from) the franchised agents. There was still a small market for used Peugeot spares but this only covered models up to 1985, like the 305 and 505 – and then only insofar as wrecks of these already-rare cars became available to scrapyards. For modern models like the 405, there was nothing to be found on the used market for automotive spares at all. Of course, time changed all that and as of 2020, Peugeot has been back for 25 years and there is now a good supply of used spares for most of their models on the market since then.


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PeugeotIn Pretoria, there is arguably one name associated with Peugeot spares more than any other – besides the agents, of course. That is A.S.A.P. Spares in Hermanstad. We sell brand-new Peugeot parts but we also buy wrecks from salvage yards, insurance companies, and the general public from which we strip salvageable spares to sell to our customers. So, whether you are driving a 2005 Peugeot 206 or a 2013-vintage 308, we might just have what you have been looking for on the shelf. If we don’t all is not lost because we get in new spares daily. Besides, we can look for your spare elsewhere in our supplier network, so be sure to leave your request at the front desk and we will go looking for it.

Parts commonality between different models helps to drive down the cost of spares too and to this end, Peugeot cars share many mechanical under-the-skin parts that you might not be aware of. For example, the ubiquitous nature of the 1,6-litre Prince engine used in the vast majority of Peugeots from 2006 means that there are thousands of these engines around. This, in turn, makes parts easier to come by and not as expensive as they would otherwise be. The Prince engine was also used in a multitude of Citroëns, BMWs, and Minis of the era and is still found in an evolved form in today’s Peugeots. These numbers certainly help to contain the prices of parts.


Not Just Peugeot

But there is more good news at A.S.A.P. Spares and that is not just the availability of top-quality new and used Peugeot parts; we also cover all the other French brands available locally, namely Citroën and Renault. Besides these three French marques, we also sell new and used spares for Opels, Suzukis, and Chevrolets. This is welcome relief for Chevrolet owners, as the brand has left South Africa and this has affected residuals and the prices of new parts. At least now Chevy owners know that we will be able to supply them with a ready supply of Chev spares for as long as we can lay our hands on Chevrolet wrecks. And considering the thousands of Sparks, Cruzes, Aveos, and Sonics on our roads, this should be for a few years still.


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So, if you drive any one of our six specialist brands, have a look at our vast range on offer or have a stroll through our scrapyard. We’ll exchange any faulty parts as long as they are in the same condition as when they were bought and you are, furthermore, protected under the provisions of the Consumer Protection Act. It’s great to know that you have alternatives when looking for parts for your car and that you do not necessarily have to go the most expensive route and buy them through the official channels. We can supply both new and used spares and possibly even track down some of those rare ones. Put us to the test today.