How to Identify the Right Suzuki Parts for Your Model


Identifying the right Suzuki parts for your model vehicle, whether new or used, could be the difference between smooth running and catastrophic failure. Nobody wants to be caught stuck on the side of the road on a “dark and stormy night”. So, whether you are a seasoned mechanic or an avid home self-servicing enthusiast, you will want to ensure that the Suzuki spares that you purchase are the right parts for your car.


The Importance of Matching Identical Suzuki Parts


When it comes to Suzuki spare parts, using the correct replacements is crucial for several reasons. These include:

  • Safety: Incorrect parts can compromise your vehicle’s safety systems and handling, leading to malfunctions and potential accidents.Suzuki parts
  • Performance: Mismatched parts can hinder your Suzuki’s performance, affecting fuel efficiency, handling and overall driving experience.
  • Durability: Using non-compliant Suzuki spares can lead to premature wear and tear, not only on the purchased parts but those surrounding them, requiring more frequent and more expensive repairs.


At A.S.A.P. Spares, we specialise in providing only the most superior-quality used and brand-approved aftermarket Suzuki parts. However, before you explore our extensive inventory, let us inform you of a few strategies you can use to ensure that you get the exact parts you need every time.


1. Identify Your Suzuki Model and Year

The first step is to pinpoint the specific year and model of your Suzuki. This information is typically found on a sticker inside the driver’s door jamb or in your owner’s manual. Once you have these details, you can use them to narrow down your search for compatible parts.


2. The Power of Part Numbers

Most Suzuki parts have unique identification numbers. These part numbers are like a fingerprint for the specific component you are searching for. You can find the part number on the original part you need to replace, by consulting your owner’s manual or searching online, which will significantly increase the accuracy of your search.



3. Consult the Specialists at A.S.A.P. Spares

If you are unsure about a specific spare part you need or are having trouble finding a part number, do not hesitate to contact our friendly and knowledgeable team. We have been the leading specialists in the Pretoria and Gauteng region for Suzuki vehicles for decades. We can assist you in identifying the correct parts based on your vehicle’s details and the repair you are undertaking.


Additional Tips for Finding the Right Suzuki Spares


While part numbers are essential, there are other accurate ways to find the spares you need. Consider these additional tips to guarantee that you are getting the perfect fit:


1. VIN Decoding

Your vehicle’s VIN (Vehicle Identification Number) includes the model, engine type and engine and chassis numbers. With this information, you can speak to any of our trained sales and support representatives, and they can translate these codes into details that can help you identify compatible parts for your Suzuki.


2. Year Range Compatibility

Sometimes, parts may be compatible across a range of Suzuki makes and models manufactured within specific years. Consult with your trusted mechanic or with us to confirm if this applies to the parts you require.


3. Visual or Photographic Inspection

For some parts, a visual comparison with the old component can do the trick. Take detailed photos of the part and how it fits into the dynamics of your vehicle, or simply bring it with you when visiting us at our premises in Hermanstad, Pretoria West. We will ensure that the part we provide is an exact match.


Find Suzuki Parts You Can Trust at A.S.A.P. Spares


We at A.S.A.P. Spares, have provided new, brand-approved aftermarket and used Suzuki auto spares since 2001. The secret to our success lies in our preferred choice of trusted partners, sanctioned auto auctions and carefully selected private purchases from whom we receive our stock.


This ensures that the parts you purchase will offer the perfect performance for your vehicle. Contact us or simply hop online and order your perfect parts. A.S.A.P. Spares – where quality is everything.