Things to Know About Used Car Parts – Choose A.S.A.P Spares for Reasonable Prices!

Cars have become a part of life for millions of people around the world and have come to dominate the urban landscape. If you own a car, the chances are that you rely on it daily and cannot reasonably afford to have it out of commission for any significant amount of time, so when something breaks or wears out you need it replaced as soon as possible. The thing is, cars are a substantial investment, and repairs are very rarely cheap. All of these factors give rise to the used car part market.

auto spares pretoriaUsed parts are cheaper than new ones in almost all cases, and may well deliver an adequate solution to our automotive troubles, so why spend more? Well, one thing that new parts come with is the warm glow of certainty – peace-of-mind. See, when you’re not sure about the workings of an engine or the exact nature of the problem, the most reliable remedy for that uncertainty is to have the ‘experts’ resolve the problem (and give you a hefty receipt). This remedy costs money though, because official branded parts suppliers know they are selling certainty. They know that people will pay a bit more to quell their worries.

The alternative, of course, is to manage uncertainty yourself. If you know what needs fixing, and what a proper solution looks like, then you don’t have to pay any ‘feel-good-fee’ and can very likely find a second-hand part that will do the job you need at a fraction of the price of a new part. Let’s have a look at some useful tips about used automotive parts and dispel any uncertainties.

What Went Wrong

The first thing to know is what exactly you’re dealing with. If it’s not obvious, get a trusted, knowledgeable opinion, either from someone you know or an auto-repair shop. There are many useful blogs, forums, and YouTube video tutorials available on just about any aspect of automotive maintenance, design, and repair. Do a bit of research and consult your owner’s manual if need be. You should end up knowing exactly what went wrong and what needs to be done or replaced. Of course, if your side mirror got smashed off that’ll be pretty easy to identify as the problem at hand.

Some Good Used Buys

Of course, you should always consult an expert or bring your mechanic friend along if you are unsure of how to judge the condition of a part, but here are a few safe bets for used parts to go with:

·        Wheel rims – the most common reason to get rid of old rims is because they don’t look nice, or as nice as those other shiny ones. Second-hand rims are usually structurally sound and a great bargain. Be sure to inspect the rim thoroughly and asked if it’s been balance tested.

·        Batteries – Wrecking yards are usually full of working batteries, since many cars get written off for reasons unrelated to the battery. Second-hand batteries are a great option to save some money, just make sure it’s been tested and is compatible with your vehicle.

·        Alternators – alternators are commonly refurbished and sold as used, even though the refurbishment has restored its operating efficiency to practically new. Look out for rebuilt alternators if you ever need one.

·        Transmission – drivetrains are also often rebuilt and sold. Transmissions can be very expensive to replace so it will always pay to look out for an alternative to brand new parts.

·        Side-mirrors – These are another part that often ends up in a wrecking yard without so much as a scratch. You might struggle to find an exact colour match, but often the cost of a colour matching paintjob and the cost of a second-hand mirror is still less than a brand new one.

·        Windows – Windscreens are almost always damaged in a crash, but usually only the front or the rear, leaving the other side perfectly salvageable. Door windows are more likely to survive a wreck and so are those small triangular windows that many cars have. Second-hand windows are easy money saved.

·        Furnishings and Interior – Headrests, steering wheels, gear knobs, seat belts, mats, dashboard fittings, buttons, and knobs. These are all easy choices for second-hand purchase.

Buy with Caution

Consumable and wear and tear items should be very carefully considered before buying second-hand. You might get lucky and find a set of fine tires or brake pads for your vehicle at a second-hand dealer, but be sure you know what the new part looks like, so that you can compare.

Look for Guarantees

One thing that really takes the stress out of buying a used part is if it comes with a guarantee from the dealer. A.S.A.P Spares in Pretoria West offers exactly this, a guarantee on used as well as new parts. A.S.A.P Spares operates a scrapyard that you can browse through to find the part you need for Opel, Suzuki, Peugeot, Renault, Chevrolet, and Citroën vehicles. Our friendly team will help you find exactly what you’re looking for, new or used and our reasonable prices are always guaranteed!

Contact us today or pop into the yard and have a look around!