Seven Essential Auto Spares

Do you remember the days when public transport was a viable means of transportation? Parents would get to and from work by bus or by train, leaving the kids to use their trusty old bicycles to get to and from school or just about anywhere they wanted to go. Unfortunately, those days appear to have been slotted into the history books. With cities getting bigger, public transport becoming more and more ineffective, and general security always being a concern, the use of the family sedan is no longer a luxury but has become more of a necessity. And while the need for family vehicles rose, so did the need for auto spares.

The increased use of family transportation comes with new responsibilities. Services have to be done at regular intervals. Maintenance and general upkeep of the asset has to be done methodically as there are many complex components in every automotive machine that need to be checked regularly in order to ensure a functioning and reliable means of transport.


New or Used Parts – That is the Question

Auto spares are available from the specific brand dealer branch in your town or city but are usually very expensive. There is, of course, the avenue of “generic” or “aftermarket” auto spares or components that are a cheaper option by comparison, but these auto spares are not endorsed by the brand agent and could possibly nullify insurance or lease agreements in the future.

That is why we at A.S.A.P. Spares always recommend using pre-owned, original parts. These auto spares have been designed by the brand engineers and have gone through the rigorous tests necessary to maintain an optimum performing vehicle with budget-friendly results.

There are, quite literally, hundreds of small parts that come together to form a modern vehicle, from hardware and accessories that complement the vehicle’s engine, body, and exterior to software electronics behind the dashboard and inside the computer box.

With regular maintenance, you would need to check these elements on your vehicle. Ensure that auto parts and spares connected to these elements are in precise working order so that you get the most out of your vehicle.

With this in mind, we at A.S.A.P Spares have come up with a list of seven vital areas of your motor vehicle to check on a regular basis so that you continually receive optimum performance, the best possible reliability, and the best possible fuel economy on the most cost-effective budget.

Look After Your Vehicle and it Will Look After You

There are several important areas to maintain on your vehicle. They include:

7 Essential Auto Spares

1) The Engine 

Of all the areas to maintain on the vehicle, the engine is probably the most important component as it is required for the smooth operation of your vehicle. Different types of engines are used in motor vehicles, including three- or four-cylinder engines along with many other configurations, and offer both diesel and petrol varieties.

More recently, manufacturers have also selected electric (or battery-powered) power plants or a hybrid of both fuel and battery for ecological and “environmentally friendly” reasons.

2) Drive Axle

Another important auto spares part includes the drive axle which propels the vehicle by transferring power from the transmission (or gearbox) to the tyres. The drive axle receives its power from the engine which is transferred to the axle via the gearbox.

Most rear-wheel-drive vehicles will have an axle drive shaft with couplings to the rear differential where front wheel motor vehicles will mostly have constant velocity joints (or C.V. joints) which propels the vehicle, although these are not exclusive as both are also used in 4×4 vehicles and C.V. joints are sometimes used in rear-wheel-drive vehicles.

3) Gearbox

The gearbox is usually categorised into two separate groups, either a manual gearbox where the gears have to be changed manually with the use of a manual clutch pedal or an automatic model where the gears are changed automatically dependent on the engine revolutions. Both of these products assist the transfer of power from the engine to the wheels.

Even though automatic vehicles are more convenient in the process of changing gears, they are usually not as fuel efficient as the careful selection of gears with the manual counterpart. Regardless of your personal preference, the gear lubrication levels need to be checked on a regular basis.

4) Brakes

It is only logical that, in order to be able to make your vehicle go faster, you would also need a safe and reliable way of stopping it. You would need to have your brakes in an optimum state of repair at all times in order to stop or slow the vehicle down in a safe, responsible manner. While checking these on a regular basis, don’t forget to check the parking brake (or hand brake) cable or mechanism.

5) Chassis

The wheels, brakes, gearbox, engine, and the steering mechanism are mounted on the chassis which makes up the skeleton of the vehicle. With the advancement in technological features, separate frames are used in some modern vehicles. However, whether one fixed chassis or multiple chassis configurations, always check for rust or weak welding joints when you’re undergoing regular maintenance to the vehicle.

6) Oil Filters

Motor oil, with its smooth, flowing viscosity, is predominantly used to lubricate the internal parts of your vehicles engine. It also assists with cooling the engine but it does tend to get saturated with contaminants. This would cause damage to the internal parts of your engine. The oil filter is used to filter the contaminants out of the lubricant and to redistribute the oil throughout the vehicle engines’ moving parts.

7) Air Filters

As a comparison, like a face mask is used to assist in preventing particles, allergens, or diseases like COVID-19 from being inhaled, filtering the air to get the cleanest possible oxygen into the human lungs, likewise, the air filter in a vehicle prevents dirt, dust, insects, and other particles from entering the extremely delicate parts in the carburetor and combustion chambers of the engine. Regular checks and replacement should be done in order to prevent any congestion in the filter which would inevitably cause oxygen starvation to the vehicle, thereby disturbing optimum performance levels.

Whether you are doing a routine maintenance inspection or a quick home service, or you are conducting a major replacement job, we at A.S.A.P. Spares are here for you. With more than 20 years of experience, carefully selected suppliers and, most importantly, our host of recurring clientele, we can assist you with both new and quality pre-owned auto spares to see to your every need. Contact us or visit our website to begin your journey with us.

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