The Renault Conundrum

As a country that largely relies on the use of private motor vehicles as a main means of transportation, South Africa is filled with people who share a love for cars. Although many people would choose a car on its looks and included extras when buying, there are so much more to take into consideration before committing to a certain brand or model. Today, we will be looking at the positive and negative aspects of buying, owning, and driving a Renault.

First, if you chose to have a Renault as your daily driver, be ready to look after it as it starts to age. Sooner or later, you will have to start replacing parts that wear out, as you would in any car. Adding to this problem is the fact that some genuine Renault parts can be very rare in South Africa, which makes them very expensive in turn. This is where A.S.A.P. Spares can be a beacon for any Renault owner – providing second-hand parts that you can buy without taking a huge chunk from your salary.

Second, well done on choosing a Renault. Apart from the inevitable maintenance that will come with age, be assured that you chose a car with long and proud heritage and racing pedigree. We all know the hassles a faulty part can cause on a car, especially if the car is a second-hand model, but driving a Renault will always give you that sense of excitement and satisfaction, especially the brand’s famous Renault Sport models. This is a feeling you cannot experience behind the wheel of just any car, as it is rare and fine distinction that comes to the fore when driving a car with proper pedigree.

Third, find a dealer that offers viable second-hand Renault parts that you can buy when your car decides to have an off day. At A.S.A.P. Spares, we offer these parts at affordable prices, alongside some other services to ensure that you have the best possible experience with us and your car. Usually, car dealerships would overcharge their customers when they buy brand-new parts that would work just as well as genuine and proper second-hand parts in your Renault, which means that you end up paying way too much in comparison to what you would spend at our shop.

Last, should you be in an accident with your Renault, and it ends up costing too much to repair, we are willing to buy your wrecked car. This leaves us with salvageable second-hand Renault parts, and you with pockets full of money in return, and no worries about getting rid of the wreck. Overall, your experience as a Renault owner will be much more rewarding when you choose A.S.A.P. Spares at that moment things go wrong with your car, whether you need a part, or you were involved in a serious accident.

We do more than just sell second-hand Renault parts. If you drive an Opel, Suzuki, Peugeot, Chevrolet, or Citroën, you can also reap the benefits of our services. Feel free to visit our premises in Pretoria if you need to buy specific parts, or contact us directly with any enquiries. Let us take care of all your needs regarding second-hand spares and car wrecks, and never worry about the well-being of your car again.