A.S.A.P Spares: Your Number-1 Stop For New and Used Opel Parts and Accessories

Opel is a popular German car-manufacturing brand that was established in 1862. It has thus stood the test of time and has remained a powerhouse in the automotive industry. Understandably, models have changed in the 158 years since its inception, with innovations in automotive technology. While it is unlikely that our clients are driving cars that are over 100 years old (unless they are in the vintage-car industry), it is likely that some customers are driving older Opel models. This is where second-hand Opel parts come in handy and save the day if your car breaks down or an essential component stops working. In these moments, a second-hand Opel spare can really be a lifesaver as well as being a penny saver.

opel sparesThere are a number of benefits to choosing second-hand automotive parts. Firstly, and undeniably, is the cost-saving factor of choosing second-hand spares. Used car parts are by their nature much cheaper than their newer counterparts and thus enable people to fix their vehicles without breaking the bank. However, second-hand does not have to equate to a lesser quality, and that is why it is essential to invest in a used-parts supplier who is well-trusted.

After being cost-effective, used auto parts are also a great idea for anyone with an older car model. As manufacturers strive to build newer models, sometimes they stop manufacturing parts for older cars. This is where a reputable supplier of second-hand parts and accessories can really help you out or save you from having to order specialised parts from overseas, which will ultimately be a costly endeavour. Thirdly, opting for used parts also lessens your environmental footprint and goes a long way in reducing the need for excess manufacturing. If recycling is your thing, this might be the best option for you. The benefits that come with choosing second-hand are thus numerous, and choosing our Opel spares will certainly not disappoint.


Why Choose A.S.A.P Spares for Your New-and-Used Auto-Part Needs?

We began as a small closed corporation and initially only specialised in Opel spares. We are thus particularly passionate about this brand because it is where it all began and we love to share our knowledge with our clients. We soon grew our business and became the largest second-hand vehicle-parts supplier in Pretoria. We now specialise in a number of popular car brands, including Opel, Suzuki, Renault, Peugeot, and Chevrolet. If you are looking for new or used auto parts and accessories for your vehicle, we are thus the place to be. Our services include:

  • Selling New and Used Auto Parts: As mentioned above, we sell new and used automotive parts for a number of vehicle brands. Clients are encouraged to search our various products online, and if they cannot find their desired product, we will do our best to source it from our wide network of contacts and suppliers. Our Opel spares include items, such as air filters, aircon pipes and switches, airflow metres, alternator oil return hoses, barrel sets, brake pads, timing belts, water pumps, and much more. In fact, we currently have 452 Opel products on show on our website and thus continually strive to have a diverse range of products on hand.


  • A working scrapyard: If you are in the Pretoria West area and need some spare parts for your car, then it is time to visit our scrapyard. Our scrapyard is well organised and maintained and thus offers customers a large variety of auto parts and spares to look through. We find our vehicles from salvage yards and auctions and even sell complete engines. Visit our scrapyard if you are looking for a particular part and we will happily do our best to source it for you if you cannot find it.


  • Buying Cars That Have Been Damaged in Accidents: Apart from selling new and used spares and running a working scrapyard that customers can visit, we also purchase vehicles that have been damaged in accidents. If you have a damaged vehicle that you want to sell, then get in touch with us. We also purchase vehicles from salvage yards and auctions and thus have a diverse range available.


We are thus the company to choose when it comes to all your new and used spare-part needs for Opel vehicles and other leading vehicle brands. No matter how big or small the job at hand is, we will do our absolute best to source the items you need and to be a part of the solution when it comes to fixing your car and getting it back into top condition. Second-hand spares can save users a lot of money, and we pride ourselves on offering clients an affordable and high-quality service.

Browse our website to explore our various spare parts on sale and if you cannot find the item you are looking for, then send us a query. Customers can also give us a call on (012) 379 1300, drop us an email at info@asapapres.co.za, or visit our premise in Pretoria West. Get in touch with us today and choose to get your used Opel spares from a reputable company who cares.