Opel: German Excellence

When referring to the German automotive manufacturing industry, some of the world’s most popular and distinctive selections come into view, one of which is Opel. A brand that has been a part of the South African motoring industry for decades, still has a strong presence on our roads. Should you be the proud owner of your very own Opel, A.S.A.P. Spares is the place where you can find quality second-hand parts at affordable prices.

A Combination of Style and Reliability

Throughout any given decade since the 1950s, German car manufacturers have always tried to combine style and luxury with reliability and performance. As was the case in Japan, it did not take very long before the rivalry between these manufacturers were pushed to the track. The birth of the DTM motorsport series forced the competing manufacturers to push the proverbial envelope and find new levels of automotive genius. For a brief period, Opel joined this venture, and to this day, you can still feel the principles of combining style with reliability in any Opel you drive.

We at A.S.A.P. Spares specialise in providing parts for our specialty brands, which includes Opel. Whether you are still driving the Corsa your dad bought for you in the late ’90s, or the Astra you bought when your first child arrived, we can assist in replacing any faulty part on your car. Finding affordable second-hand Opel parts have never been this easy, as we also offer the service to locate and procure certain spares that we do not have in stock – ensuring that you will always have a solution from our side.

Should you be in an accident with your beloved Opel, we can make an offer on your damaged vehicle. The reason we would be interested in buying your wreck is due to salvageable parts. As a result, you will get rid of your wreck and have some spare cash to replace your previous car. Now, you can drive your Opel with the utmost peace of mind, knowing that we will be there when you need to swop a faulty part, or take her off your hands when you are involved in an accident.

At A.S.A.P. Spares, we offer a wide range of second-hand parts and services for owners of Opel, Renault, Suzuki, Chevrolet, Peugeot, and Citroën. Please feel free to come visit our premises in Pretoria West, as we have a well-organised scrapyard to ensure that you can easily find what you are looking for. For more information, please peruse our website for details on our services and parts guarantee. Let A.S.A.P. Spares be the home for all your automotive needs.