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Citroën has a good reputation as a reliable automotive brand that produces durable and innovative vehicles. The PSA Peugeot Citröen Group has been designing and manufacturing quality vehicles for a long time, and their vehicles are available across the world and produced for a variety of markets.

As the first mass producer of vehicles outside of the USA, the idea of a network that could deal with various aspects of the automotive industry, such as service, sales and new or second-hand Citroën parts, was a directive that was unique to the brand. Their exponential growth escalated to the point where they were the largest manufacturers in the world.

The First World War was really the starting point of mass production of vehicles. Having to supply the military in France to support war efforts, large numbers of armaments were produced by Citroën, and they created the first body made of steel in the early twenties. From there, radical developments occurred due to the fast pace of production, and Citroën was at the forefront of many innovations during this time.  They spearheaded and produced the first vehicle that had front-wheel drive in 1934, and later developed the unique unitary vehicle body.

One thing that Citroën was particularly famous for was the first hydro pneumatic suspension, which was launched to market for the first time in 1954. The “ship of the road” – the Citroën sedan that raised itself when switched on and lowered itself when the vehicle was switched off turned many heads, and the luxury of this soft suspension became very popular, resulting in much success. They also pioneered vehicles with lights that could follow the turn of the wheels, making it easier to see ahead while negotiating turns and bends in the road.

The mass production of vehicles also meant that Citroën parts had to be available on a large scale, and this trend continues today. These parts are now being manufactured in different countries, and new Citroën parts can be obtained in virtually any country. Drivers everywhere still enjoy the reliability and comfort of the vehicles developed by this brand, and various models are held in high praise by vehicle enthusiasts and experts alike. A particular attraction to this brand is the rigorous safety testing that renders it one of the safest family vehicles on the road today, and extremely high standards and detailed specifications have to be followed during production, after which thorough quality testing is also implemented. It goes without saying that these stringent tests also apply to parts and spares supplied by the brand.

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