Scrapyards Offer You the Opportunity to Keep Your Old Car Running

How is that? Well, scrapyards buy accident-damaged wrecks from salvage yards, auctions, and the general public to strip for salvageable spares that they can sell at greatly discounted prices compared to new parts. In many cases, these spares can be as good as new, especially on newer models of car that were not old when they were damaged. Even older cars can still yield a treasure trove of useable spares, especially on models that are difficult to find or have long been discontinued by the manufacturer, making their spares rarer and, as a consequence, more expensive through the official channels.

For example, it would be quite realistic to expect to pay between R4000 and R6000 for a 16-inch alloy wheel for a Renault Clio if you had to purchase it brand-new from the agents. That is a lot of money to simply replace a damaged or missing wheel on a car that is perhaps 10 years old. You don’t want to over-capitalise on the maintenance of an old car and it only makes sense to keep it on the road if you don’t have to pay agent prices for spares anymore. Scrapyards would be able to offer you many of these parts that you are looking for. But taking that Renault alloy wheel as an example, where would you find Renault scrapyards?


Specialising in Chevrolet, Citroën, Opel, Peugeot, Suzuki – and Renault

While there are many scrapyards about in Gauteng, you need to find one that sells spares for the brand you are driving. If you are, therefore, an owner of any of these above-mentioned brands, you are in luck if you live in Pretoria or nearby. A.S.A.P. Spares sell new and used parts for all these brands. Our new parts are far more affordable than what they would cost at the agents and if you simply don’t need a new part and are more interested in saving money on your purchase, a perfectly serviceable used one may be available. Like all scrapyards, we buy wrecks from the general public, salvage yards, and auction and strip them for spares.

We are pleased to be able to offer Chevrolet drivers some peace of mind too. Since the brand has been withdrawn from the South African market in 2017, the clock started ticking and in a number of years, new parts will no longer be offered for these cars by the CMH Group, which currently supports the brand. How long this will take is hard to tell but chances are that the parts will also become more expensive as time wears on and the suppliers need to keep less and less stock on the shelves. This is when scrapyards like ours will start to play an even more important role to keep these cars on the roads for longer.

No need to panic yet if you drive a Chevrolet though. As long as there are scrapyards like ours around, you will be able to keep your car going. And for parts for any of our other five brands, we are the go-to shop in Gauteng, so pay us a visit today or submit a part request online.