Buying Spares and Parts from Scrapyards in Pretoria

When looking for spares and parts for your vehicle, you may find the exercise quite daunting, and if you are someone who regularly services and repairs vehicles for clients, you will need access to reliable, yet affordable parts and spares on a regular basis.  This is why you need to build up a list of reliable suppliers that you can trust to stock and supply the parts you need, and where you can be assured of great service at all times.  It can be very frustrating for you, and your client, to sit around waiting for parts to arrive while the vehicle is out of commission.

If you live in Gauteng, purchasing new parts for imported vehicles can mean a long wait, high prices, and added delivery or courier costs.  It is therefore much easier (and cheaper) to stick to suppliers in your area, where you can have access to a good variety of parts.  You also have to assess whether you specifically need a new part or whether a used one will do.  If you are happy to go with a second-hand part, scrapyards in Pretoria or Johannesburg may be a good option!

Scrapyards are businesses that purchase, collect, store and dismantle accident damaged or decommissioned vehicles for their parts.  Usable parts are either listed on an inventory, or stripped from the vehicle and sold back to customers.  The unusable parts are usually sold to organisations that recycle metal and other materials.  Usually the parts in high demand are removed first, and then they are serviced and safety checked.  This means that if a customer asks for a specific part, it is immediately available, without the customer having to wait for it to be removed from the vehicle and checked.  Certain scrapyards in Pretoria expect customers to pick out the parts that they need themselves – a sort of self-service scrapyard – and then they have to remove the part themselves as well, but then they receive prices that are significantly reduced.  It is, however, much safer and easier to deal with scrapyards that will help you to locate the parts you need and remove them for you.

Certain scrapyards in Pretoria can be in a dire state, and often they can be confusing and unsafe, with vehicles stacked up on each other and the available parts not clearly listed.  When looking for affordable parts and spares, you have to choose a scrapyard that is safe, neat and organised in such a way that you do not have to spend too much time finding what you want.  You also need a scrapyard that is well managed by the business, and where the business managers have an inventory of what usable parts and spares are available in the scrapyard.  The better scrapyards will remove and check these parts, and even offer guarantees on them after sales.  Dealing with suppliers at scrapyards that offer guarantees provide you with peace of mind, as you will be sure that the part is in good condition and will be reliable.

When looking for good scrapyards in Pretoria, you cannot miss out on A.S.A.P. Spares.  We have a large scrapyard that is neatly organised and totally safe, and we will help you to locate the part that you need at any time.  Give us a call today to find out more!