How to Choose One of the Best Scrap Yards for Your Vehicle

For some, looking for scrap yards to take their no-longer roadworthy or irreparably damaged motor vehicle off their hands is a mere mathematical formula of price and logistics with no emotion involved. For others, the vehicle might have been inherited from, or gifted by, a spouse, partner or parent and there is a strong emotional attachment to the asset.

Regardless of the group you may fall into, you would hate to see good money rusting away in your backyard.  In these circumstances, the conundrum you might find yourself in remains the same. Where do you find reputable scrap yards near you that will purchase your car at a fair price, sell the usable auto parts as used spares and responsibly dispose of any harmful substances?

Here at A.S.A.P. Spares, we have built our reputation by purchasing only choice car wrecks with top-quality auto parts from renowned auction houses, recognised salvage yards, personally evolved dealer relationships, and your wrecked, quality conundrums. With this in mind, allow us to inform you on how to choose a reputable scrap yard for your wrecked vehicle.


Five Identifying Traits of Reputable Scrap Yards 

Not all scrap yards are deserving of your vehicle. Consider these five traits of second-hand auto spares dealers:

1) Customer service and overall atmosphere

Used Spares from ScrapyardsThe best way to find honest, reputable scrap yards in your area that might buy your damaged car is to visit them in person. Presentation is paramount. A well-presented, organised entrance is the first sign of a professional scrap yard. Friendly service, knowledgeable advice and welcoming smiles breed confidence, and a neatly organised yard area free of pollutants, dirt and grime makes for a promising start.

2) Name and reputation

Look for second-hand auto spares outlets that have a great reputation, and that incorporate your views and opinions in the sale of your written-off car and the parts within it. Choose businesses that hold honesty, professionalism and integrity above once-off sales, prefer quality above quantity, and have a happy, loyal community of return buyers.

3) Eco-friendly businesses

Upon your in-person visit to scrap yards, ask the proprietors what their environmental solutions are for disposing of damaged parts and hazardous materials like motor oil, fuel and battery acid. Look for companies that boast of responsible disposal of these products and the partners they use who assist them. Regardless of your emotional attachment to your vehicle, environmental management should be a priority concern.

4) Speciality brands

Scrap yards that specialise in particular vehicle brands will always work in your favour. If your destroyed vehicle is an Opel or Chevrolet, for example, investigate used auto spares companies that specialise in these makes. Speciality yards are more au fait with the retail pricing of the parts that are in good condition on your car. Because they are aware of the value of the parts left undamaged, they might offer you more than conventional junkyards would.

5) Quotations and pricing

You would want to know that you are being offered a market-related price for your wreck. Get multiple quotes from scrap yards in your area to obtain a fair idea of its average value. Always remember, though, the highest offer might not come from the best local business. Take time to re-examine the above factors. If there is a business that stands out above the rest but did not offer the highest bid, consider approaching them for a re-quote.

Choose the Leaders First

At A.S.A.P. Spares, we have paid fair prices for quality parts since 2001. If you have a wrecked Opel, Suzuki, Peugeot, Renault, Chevrolet or Citroën and live in Pretoria and its surroundings, then allow us to bid on it. Our friendly, professional staff are always willing to assist. Pop in at our premises and see for yourself how we have become the preferred, reputable, specialist scrap yard of choice in Gauteng, or contact us for a quotation.