Top Items to Bring to Scrap Yards for the Best Payout

We all know how attached drivers can become to their vehicles, but there might come a time when they need to find reputable scrap yards to sell their pride and joy for a payout. At A.S.A.P Spares, we know how difficult it is to part with your fond companion. We travel thousands of kilometres in our vehicles, and some may even have been given names. They are usually filled with great memories and involve are a significant part of our lives. So, when it is time to separate from them it can an emotional occasion.

Used Spares from Scrapyards

Choose Scrap Yards that Specialise in Your Make and Model

If you own an accident- or irreparably damaged Opel, Suzuki, Peugeot, Renault, Chevrolet or Citroën, you need to approach a reputable business that specialises in these makes and models. We have been dealing in these vehicle brands since we opened our doors back in 2001 and are well aware of the value of each vehicle and its individual parts. Therefore, we can offer you fair prices for the whole vehicle or its separate parts.

There are two ways to sell cars that are no longer roadworthy. One is to sell the car as a whole either online or by contacting scrap yards and panel beaters in your area. Another way, if you have time and some mechanical skill, is to sell the auto spares individually either to private buyers or interested scrap yards. The first might be a better option if you are not mechanically inclined. But the latter could leave you with useless scrap that nobody wants.


9 Spare Parts to Sell to Reputable Scrap Yards in Your Area

If you prefer to opt for the latter and live in the Gauteng area or its surroundings, consider dealing with A.S.A.P. Spares. Here are some sought-after parts that can be valuable to a scrapyard and that may earn you a decent payout:

  1. GPS System: It is always better to use a hands-free GPS. Your phone might be distracting while driving and this piece of equipment might bring you money.
  2. Catalytic Converter: This item contains rhodium, platinum and palladium – all sought-after minerals which fetch a pretty penny.
  3. Electronic Black Box: In more recent model cars, this is the car’s brain and vehicles cannot operate without them. If yours is undamaged, it could be quite valuable.
  4. Engine: If it is still running, your engine could be sold for an attractive price, especially if you can prove that it starts and runs, limiting the risk for the buyer.
  5. Starter Motor, Alternator and Distributor: These are all highly sought-after car parts if they are in working order. This includes parts like airbag units.
  6. Bumpers: Usually the first part to be damaged in a collision, bumpers are always in demand. So, one in a good condition is a pearl.
  7. Car Stereo: You only know how good a sound system is for road trips when driving without one. Car radios for your make of vehicle are a commodity not to miss out on.
  8. Doors, Windows and Winding Mechanisms: Electric windows or manual roll-downs, the mechanisms which operate windows are worth some money. Selling a complete door is an even better buy.
  9. Rims and Tyres: If you are lucky enough to have a full set of wheels in great condition, then you can earn some cash in your pocket.


Choose a Reputed Scrap Yard 

We at A.S.A.P. Spares have created our name around providing quality service while offering premium new and used motor spares. For more than 20 years, we have developed a brand that can be trusted and respected within the auto parts industry. If you do not want to spend months selling car parts separately or need to sell a wrecked vehicle quickly, give us a call. We stake our reputation on buying and selling quality auto spares at fair prices and we are always willing to make an offer on your used spares.