A List of Important Auto Spares to Consider Replacing

Important Auto Spares You Need to Consider Replacing - A.S.A.P SparesAuto spares are essential to keep your vehicle in tip-top condition. Since most cars have around 30 000 components, it is understandable that things will need changing and replacing from time to time. This is where quality auto spares can save the day. By being aware of what needs changing and when, you can keep your car running efficiently for much longer and prevent the potential of significant breakdowns and damages.

By keeping an eye on the little things and replacing them as needed, you can save a lot of money in the long run and avoid unforeseen and major expenses that result from perpetual neglect. Much like a car should be serviced annually, auto spares should be checked often and replaced as needed. Various factors can impact the quality of your vehicle and its spares, including weather conditions, whether or not you have covered parking, and the style (and speed) at which you drive.

While many spares need replacing over time, there are a few spares you should keep your eyes on. Whether you opt for new or used spares, it is imperative that you go with a quality supplier who takes safety seriously. Here at A.S.A.P. Spares, all parts are control-checked to ensure adherence to industry regulations and safety standards.


These four spares need to be replaced relatively regularly:

  • Tyres

As a rule of thumb, tyres should be replaced roughly every six years, regardless of how much you have driven. However, some vehicle owners will need to replace them sooner if they have exceeded mile limits. Generally, the front wheels of a vehicle can manage about 20 000 miles (just over 32 000 kilometres), and back wheels can manage around 40 000 miles (just over 64 000 kilometres).

The more you drive your vehicle, the more the treads on your tyres will wear down. Ultimately, when the tread wears down, the car will experience less grip on the road, and over time, this can impact safety and driving ability. A few factors influence how quickly treads wear down, including your vehicle’s weight, driving style, wheel alignment, tire pressure, and general ageing where the material begins to degrade.


  • Windscreen Wiper Blades

These auto spares will most likely need to be replaced annually, especially if you do not have off-street parking or live in an area prone to large amounts of rainfall. Windscreen wipers are an essential spare for any vehicle, keeping drivers and passengers safe by clearing the windscreen in the event of rain, pollen, dust, frost, hail, and various other debris that could hinder road visibility.

Signs that you might need new wipers include cracked rubber on your windscreen, streaky residue on the windshield, a squeaky sound whenever they move across the windshield, or no longer making effective contact. If you start noticing these tell-tale signs, get your wipers changed to avoid potential dangers.


Brake pads are a specialised part of the disc brake system and are one of the most prominent wear-and-tear parts for an automotive vehicle. This crucial component helps to stop your vehicle when they pressed against the brake disc (or rotor) by creating fiction.

The more someone drives, the more likely it is that they will need to replace their brake pads. The more a person stops and starts, the more wear and tear. It is advised that brake pads be replaced roughly every 40 000 miles (just over 64 000 kilometres) to 50 000 miles (just over 80 000 kilometres). However, this will also depend on the particular vehicle and driving style.

Some signs that you might be in need of some new brake pads for your vehicle include a squeaking sound whenever you try to brake, your car being slower to stop, a flashing brake pad indicator, and vibration when you brake. If you notice any of these telling issues, consult a reputable spares supplier like A.S.A.P. Spares and invest in a new set of brake pads. This will enhance the safety of your ride and offer ultimate peace of mind.


Oil filters are paramount to having a healthy engine, and a healthy engine is essential for a functioning car. Oil filters essentially keep the engine clean by filtering out any debris or contaminants in the oil. By keeping the oil clean, your engine remains lubricated, and this means that hard contaminants do not build up and destroy your engine over time.

Many experts suggest that it is best to change oil filters with every oil change or at least every second oil change. Generally, vehicle owners will need to change their engine oil every three to six months. When changing it, consider getting a new engine filter to keep your engine in brilliant condition. Chat with our team if you need advice on the best filters for your engine.


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