Renault – True Sporting Pedigree

When buying a car, one of the biggest influences for a petrolhead will always be the sporting pedigree behind a certain make or model. Referring to brands with an established sporting pedigree, one could mention various marques, from Ferrari to Renault. In fact, both of these manufacturers have won in Formula 1, as well as Renault proving its worth in the European Rally Championship, amongst others. Although no Pretorian or Johannesburger with a regular salary can afford a Ferrari, many petrolheads can buy an affordable brand like Renault.

A great variety of motorsport formulae has always influenced the development of regular cars that can be purchased from dealerships and, eventually, motorsport technology tends to filter down to normal road cars. Although we cannot buy a fire-breathing rally monster, we can buy a car with suspension systems and engines that benefit from the lessons learnt in motorsport, or a car with similar hybrid engine technology to that used in Formula 1. Manufacturers like Porsche, and Ferrari love to boast about racing-inspired editions of their regular road cars, but there is one rather unassuming manufacturer that also boasts a proud motorsport heritage – Renault.

The Rise to Glory

Renault spares in Pretoria have become easier to come by. Of course, we are not talking about parts for classic Renaults with a racing pedigree, like the highly collectable Alpine A110, one of their most fierce and famous motorsport legends. No, we are talking about normal Renault models commonly seen on the streets of Pretoria and Johannesburg, like the Clio, Mégane, Sandero, and Scenic. As is the case with all manufacturers, the classic models’ parts are a great deal more difficult – and expensive – to source.

There seems to be an impression that some European brands like Renault might not be designed to last in harsh places such as Africa, but if you keep in mind that these cars and their parts are developed and tested all over the world, you will realise that this is a myth. Their impressive motorsport heritage also defies this notion. Before the manufacturer entered a Formula 1 work team, which went on to take two world championships at the hand of Fernando Alonso in 2005 and 2006, Renault supplied engines to top teams like Williams and Benetton – claiming multiple constructors’ and Drivers’ world championships throughout the 1990s.

Their most recent Formula 1 success came with the Red Bull Racing Team – with four back-to-back championships from 2010 to 2013 with Sebastian Vettel at the wheel. Red Bull Racing is still using Renault engines, along with Renault running their very own works team as well. Taking all of this into consideration, it makes sense for any petrolhead to drive a Renault, even if it is a Clio – another car, incidentally, with an incredible cup racing and touring car racing pedigree. The list of models with a rich history goes even further than this.

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