To Drive Renault Cars, Is to Love Them

South Africans used to be disparaging of Renault, yet the brand’s persistent presence on the track and sleek modern consumer vehicles have vindicated Renault owners of today. With that being said, French cars have been conspicuous in the nation’s capital of Pretoria, where a heavier percentage of road users are driving Renaults, Citroëns, or Peugeots. Of course, if you’re driving a Renault, you need no convincing of the brand’s credibility, because the look and feel of a Renault is something you know you’d find hard to replace at any other automaker. Often in the background yet seldom producing anything other than stylish vehicles with great performance, Renault inspires fans who often seek to restore older models or maintain recent models in pristine condition.

Enter the magic words: Renault spare parts price list. Oh, so elusive when you need it, yet so crucial to successful maintenance or planned restoration of Renault cars. renault sparesPossibly because few parts outlets specialise in Renault spares, Renault drivers have previously struggled to get legitimate parts when working on their cars. Indeed, no matter the vehicle model or your ambitions around it, a Renault spare parts price list is an essential springboard from which to plan your activities.


The Benefits of Having a Renault Spare Parts Price List on Hand

Perhaps you’re still looking at Renault, beguiled by its sleek lines and French cheek, and you’re wondering how the brand compares over the long term with regards to performance and maintenance costs? Well, a 2019 Kinsey survey might help shed some light on those questions, and, spoiler alert, here’s another moment when Renault drivers get to feel pretty smug about things! The survey is geared towards capturing parts and servicing cost trends across brands in South Africa, and it’s seen as a highly reliable indicator of cars that provide good or excellent value, based on their maintenance demands.

Seen alongside the available Renault spare parts price list of a reputable industry player like A.S.A.P. Spares, the Kinsey survey results provide supporting evidence of Renault’s value for money. In the survey, the Renault Kwid Expression was evaluated, and at a collective parts total of around R67 000, it compares favourably to, for example, a Ford Figo’s parts bucket total of the same value. So what? Well, the difference is that the Figo is going to cost you around R190 000, whereas the Kwid in questions only costs around R130 000. Detractors moan about the fact that for a cheaper car, the Renault spares total should be cheaper too, but they’re missing the point.


Renault is Still Affordable Style and Performance

For similar performance, style, and comfort, while it might cost around the same to maintain, the Renault saved you R60 000 on the purchase price. That’s R60 000 straight back into your pocket or, rather, R60 000 that never left! On that basis alone, one has to admire Renault’s commitment to the modern consumer. While everyone is inching prices up whenever they can, Renault often displays a clear and deliberate gap between themselves and the price leaders within a distinct echelon such as hatches, SUVs, or sedans.

Auto Parts Centre Pretoria

And now, full disclosure seen from another point of view (that vantage point being comparing spare part prices to the purchase price of any particular car), French cars are often costly in terms of spares. That’s a fair observation too, no matter that their sale price is frequently lower than others. So how to get the optimum scenario? A reasonable purchase price as well as reasonable spare part prices? Fortunately for Renault aficionados, A.S.A.P. Spares is here and ready to paint that picture! In fact, if you’re between a rock and a hard place to keep or get your baby rolling, a Renault spare parts price list from us might just be the best gift you’ll get all year.



A.S.A.P. Spares’ Renault Spare Parts Price List Will Make You Smile

Yes, it’s true that Renault builds surprisingly rugged vehicles beneath that chic exterior, but any car is going to wear down its working parts over time, regardless of who makes it. That’s just the nature of combustion engines and things on wheels – they need servicing! Normally a painful reality when looking at a regular Renault spare parts price list, the A.S.A.P. Spares version will please you no end. We can supply from an extensive range of used Renault spares, we can supply new spares at better prices, and we can always order whatever it is you need in terms of Renault spares. We’ll eat our hats if it doesn’t land at the best price you’ve seen for a long while.

We’re here to provide service and affordable spares to the Renault community, not clean your pockets out for minor electrical or mechanical repairs. Rather than contribute to the popular urban legends about how much a component costs for this car, or how outrageous that part price was when someone fixed that one, we’d like to enable your Renault passion with fair pricing–fair to all parties is what we’re all about. Everyone makes a noise about “saving you time and money”, but we actually do save you when you shop for Renault spares with us. We’re plugged into the Renault grid, and we can justify reduced spares pricing on the back of the volumes we move–mighty nice pricing, in fact – and a saving that we pass on directly onto you.

Moreover, we’re guaranteed to save you time because we are so extensively connected to the Renault build and maintain fraternity, suppliers, and spares makers all over the world. Feel free to toss your regular Renault spare parts price list in the trash–we’re here with all you need, waiting to be of service. Call on us! And catch a decent break on quality spares we know you’ll find affordable and fit for the task at hand.