Four Benefits of Quality Second-Hand Auto Parts 

At some point or another, most vehicle owners will need to buy auto parts. Sometimes this moment can induce panic, especially if the necessary spare part comes with a hefty price tag or needs to be delivered from some far-away place that will keep you off the road for the next six to eight weeks. Happily, that’s when high-quality second-hand auto parts can save the day. More affordable than their brand-new counterparts, and usually with much life still in them, pre-owned spares can be a vehicle owner’s ultimate solution, saving money and time.

When you choose premium auto parts (from a reputable supplier with decades of experience like A.S.A.P Spares) you are guaranteed the following advantages:

  1. Ultimate affordability: Let’s be honest, the most significant benefit of second-hand auto parts is the sensational price factor. New auto parts can be super expensive and can really set you back, especially when it comes to an unexpected repair. When you find a pre-owned part that gets the job done, you save a ton of money and over time these savings can make a real difference.You will also save a great deal in terms of delivery fees, especially if the parts you are looking for come from overseas. When you choose premium second-hand auto parts, the savings are noteworthy
  2. Supporting local: The phrase “local is lekker” is popular in South Africa, and nothing feels better than supporting our local communities. You ensure that money is kept within your community when you buy from a smaller business rather than an original powerhouse manufacturer. This supports local families and keeps business booming. In these precarious times, supporting local is perhaps more important than ever and keeps the economy moving forward.
  3. Enhancing your green footprint: One of the key benefits of choosing second-hand (after the major cost savings, of course) is the environmental benefit of buying second-hand. Choosing pre-used products reduce the carbon impact of manufacturing, conserves various resources, and means less pollution. In our books, that’s a major win!  Recycling has become a real hot topic in recent years, and opting for second-hand auto parts goes a long way in doing your little part for the environment. If we all strive to reduce our carbon footprint, the planet will naturally be a healthier and happier place.
  4. Saves you time: Another important advantage of picking up a second-hand spare is the time factor, and, as they say, time is money. Rather than having to wait for parts to be manufactured and possibly sent from a different country, you can usually walk out with the necessary auto parts on the day which naturally speeds up the repair process. This means that you can fix the problem quickly and get back on the road again in no time, rather than having to rely on public transport or pricey cabs. As our name suggests, we get the parts to you ASAP, saving you money and time!

Why Choose A.S.A.P Spares? 

With humble beginnings selling only Opel spares, we soon turned into Pretoria’s largest pre-owned auto parts provider, and now we are in the top place to be when it comes to Opel, Peugeot, Suzuki, Renault, Citroën and Chevrolet. We pride ourselves on high-quality products built to last, which is why we have become such key players in the auto parts industry. We also strive to get our customers exactly what they are after. So, if you are on the hunt for a specific spare part, feel free to fill in the details here, and we will do our absolute best to source it for you. Be sure to add the model, make, year, engine number and any extra information and tell us about the part you are looking for. If we don’t have it ourselves, we will reach out to our vast network and do our best to find it for you. As always, our customers come first!

Auto Parts DistributorsAs well as selling premium new and used auto parts, we also have a fully functioning scrapyard, and, as we say here at A.S.A.P Spares, ”one man’s scrap is another man’s treasure”. We source our scrap vehicles from auctions and salvage yards and sell the best auto parts, as well as entire engines. While the term ‘scrapyard’ might spark images of chaos, ours is well-organised and neat to give customers the best opportunity to browse with ease.

When it comes to the auto spares industry, reputation is everything, and this is why we have built Pretoria’s largest auto spares dealership. We pride ourselves on quality products and ultimate durability and guarantee that all parts undergo stringent checks and tests to ensure optimum performance. As such, each vehicle, spare, and engine goes through thorough checks before being put on the shop floor. Safety is of the utmost importance here at A.S.A.P Spares.

We Buy Wrecks Too! 

Yep, you heard it. If you have a car that’s beyond being salvaged, we will happily take a look and buy it for spare parts. Unfortunately, many accidents lead to complete write-offs or repairs that are just far too costly. If you want to make some extra cash and avoid the hassle of selling spares yourself, get in touch with us. We will take a look at your accident-damaged vehicle, and if we want it for parts, we will make an offer.

Get in Touch with Our Team Today! 

If you are ready to explore our expansive product catalogue, have a browse online or pop into our scrapyard. With new and used parts aplenty, we are the number-one pick for anyone with a vehicle in Pretoria and its surrounding areas. We look forward to hearing from you and getting you back into the driver’s seat where you belong. For any quotes and queries, send an email to or give us a call on 012 379 1300, and we will happily advise you on what products will work best! Choose spares you can count on and work with us today.