Four Reasons Your Peugeot’s Brakes May be Noisy

Brake noise may include vibrations and squealing, and can be cause for concern for the motorist. The simplest problem can cause brakes to be noisy, and can happen to new brakes, or to brakes that have not been used in a while. There are some common causes of brake noise. Knowing what to be on the lookout for is the first step to arming yourself with the knowledge needed to keep your Peugeot in the best possible condition. Let us take a look at what mostly causes brakes to become noisy.

#1 Contaminated Brake Rotors

Grooves on the brake rotor can be caused by dirt getting into the rotor or brake pad. This can happen, for instance, when driving through a muddy puddle.

#2 Worn-Out Brake Pads

A normal brake pad should have a backing plate and braking material. The only way to determine if your brakes are won out, is to visually inspect them. Some brake pads have a metal clip, which is used to measure wear. Should your brakes wear down to around 2 to 3 mm thickness, the pad clips may start scraping against the edge of the brake rotor, letting you know your brakes are worn down. If you are not comfortable waiting that long, take your car in to a professional mechanic for an assessment of its brakes.

#3 Rusty Rotors

Brake rotors unfortunately rust quite easily, but this is usually just surface rust. Do not apply strong solvents or cleaners to your brakes, as this might affect your brake pads and braking performance. Remove surface rust by braking. If the rust is ingrained, replace the rotor at once without driving the car, or you could ruin the pad as well. When replacing brake rotors of your Peugeot, replace the pads as well; do not use old pads on new rotors. Be lighter on your new brakes for the first week or so to bed them in.

#4 Dust Shield Maintenance

Maintaining the dust shield is important, as it shields the rotor and calliper from the worst water and debris. However, the issue with the dust shield is that it is rather thin, bendable metal, so always check that it is not bent out of shape or contacting the rotor or calliper.

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