Where to Find Peugeot Spares at Affordable Prices

Peugeot is a niche brand in South Africa and their cars sell in relatively small volumes compared to the market leaders such as Volkswagen and Toyota. However, there is a loyal local Peugeot following and people who drive them love them; maybe it’s true what they say about a French romance? Of course, not benefitting from the volumes of the top sellers, brands such as these may at times suffer from a shortage of readily available parts and when these are available, Peugeot spares at affordable prices may be hard to come by via the official channels. Unfortunately, this has put some people off what is a storied brand that builds excellent cars.

Now you have an alternative when it comes to sourcing both new and used Peugeot spares at surprisingly affordable prices. Yes, now anybody can have a trendy French car that is not prohibitively expensive to keep in good condition. At A.S.A.P. Spares’ premises in Pretoria West, there is a veritable treasure trove of car parts, not just for Peugeots, but also for Opels, Suzukis, Renaults, Chevrolets, and Citroëns. Of course, Citroën has withdrawn from the local market, but there is good news: Citroën is a PSA brand and is owned by Peugeot, so these two brands share many parts, especially mechanical ones. It is, therefore, easier to find Citroën spares at affordable prices than you might think.

In our scrapyard, we have a huge variety of accident-damaged vehicles that clients can scour for salvageable parts. If you cannot find what you are looking for there, we might have it on the shelf in our shop. If we don’t, all is not lost. You can make use of our request-a-part service and we will do our best to source the part from elsewhere in our supplier network. Best of all, you can access the request-a-part service online on our home page to get us looking for it without even having to visit us in person. And, as we’ve mentioned, many of these Peugeot parts will also fit Citroëns, so you can get both Peugeot and Citroën spares at far more affordable prices from us than most other sources.

Many people drive older-model cars that have long since been paid off and that are not worth enough to comprehensively ensure. These cars are sometimes only covered for third-party, fire, and theft – or not at all. Be that as it may, what it means is that, if such a car is involved in a serious accident, the damage is likely to be far too expensive to economically fix and the car is therefore written off. If you drive an old Peugeot and this happens to you, you have the option to sell your wreck to us. It gives you a means to get the irreparably damaged car off your hands and it gives you some money in your pocket to use for whatever you want – like adding to a deposit for your next car.

We have been helping our customers in this way since 2001 and we are your first port of call if you are looking for spares at affordable prices for any of our six specialist brands.