The Debate Continues – New or Second-Hand Peugeot Parts?

Not long after Armand Peugeot patented and produced the very first industrially manufactured Serpollet, a steam-driven tricycle automobile back in 1886, the very first motor vehicle accident involving a steam-driven tricycle would have been registered. Of course, in those years, there was no debate over whether to use new or second-hand Peugeot parts.

The owner of the three-wheeled vehicle would need to have sent the wrecked unit back to Armand’s factory where damaged components would simply be replaced with new ones. With the costs of transportation, coupled with the cost of repairs to the vehicle, this was an exercise that only the wealthy could successfully complete.

Keeping it Legal

Fast forwarding over 100 years, things have changed a little. Now, your sleek, streamlined, four-wheeled master of automotive engineering that you use to commute around the city, has all the mod-cons you would expect and deserve from a top-of-the-range motor vehicle. Even the entry-level units have electric windows, air conditioning, power steering, and a host of mechanical advancements to give you optimum driving pleasure.

But, when you have selected a mid- to top-of-the-range model, you realise with instant gratification that, when this mechanical beast is unleashed onto the open road and your right foot pushes the accelerator towards the floor, the pleasure of the power-to-weight ratio is irresistible and it is a physical effort to control yourself, keeping the machine within legal speed parameters.

Maintenance is King for Pure Driving Pleasure

Yes, the gorgeous design and mechanical prowess of your vehicle will give you years upon years of driving pleasure if you maintain it well. However, as with every car on the road, your beautiful piece of French engineering will need services and upkeep at regular, prescribed intervals. General wear and tear and daily driving will begin to affect peak performance, so your Peugeot’s wellbeing will depend on a well-balanced maintenance plan that you would need to follow.

No matter how well you drive, above and beyond your maintenance regime and entirely not of your doing, things will inevitably age or wear and will need to be replaced. Mechanical bits and pieces and components, for example, tyres, windscreen wipers, brakes, shock absorbers, alternator brushes, and the like will need attention over time, or a fender-bender might occur that will need a few parts and panels. It is at this point that you, or your preferred auto repair professional will have to make an inevitable choice… do you use new or second-hand Peugeot parts for the repair?

New or Second-Hand Peugeot Parts


This is a debate that has most certainly lingered on through history since probably the second vehicle collision involving a Serpollet tricycle. Do we make use of undamaged spares from the wrecked vehicle or do we order new replacement Peugeot parts from the Serpollet factory?

Firstly, it must be noted that not all components are physically produced at the factory. Items such as brake pads, windscreen wipers, lubricant oils, batteries, shock absorbers and other parts are made by approved contractor manufacturers. When replacing these items, it is extremely important to only use these specified factory-approved products. This will ensure that your vehicle remains in immaculate condition and operates to the designed factory specifications.

Secondly, new Original Equipment Manufacturer (or OEM) spares are, first and foremost, always the best option. These original, factory-made Peugeot parts are designed and tested by the manufacturer to the exact specifications of your vehicle, so it would naturally perform at optimum performance levels.

If you have the correct name of the component required, the make, year model, and the unique part number, you can safely assume that you will have a precise fit and you can, once again, expect superior performance from your vehicle. The new OEM spare guarantees compatibility with your vehicle.

Original, new OEM spares also come with some sort of warranty or guarantee, sometimes up to a year or more if the component is correctly installed, which would automatically give the purchaser peace of mind. This will also guarantee longevity of the unit and it will, more than likely, last as long as the replaced part.

By purchasing new OEM spares, it alleviates the usual trading and bartering over the cost of the items as has become the norm in the second-hand Peugeot parts trade. It also eliminates the risk of buying an older, damaged, or non-compatible used component that sometimes comes along with the pre-owned motor spares market. The prices, therefore, are for brand-new spares and are predetermined by the factory, so the compulsory purchase price issued in accordance with the original book value is the price that you would pay.

So Why Purchase Second-Hand Peugeot Parts?

The unfortunate drawbacks of using new OEM Peugeot parts are firstly, the price. Peugeot parts from the nominated dealer are more expensive. They tend to only be used by approved insurance service providers.

Secondly, you can only buy new original Peugeot parts from officially appointed dealers that are few and far between. This, unfortunately, often results in additional postage or transportation costs in order to obtain the ordered spares. Also, original, new OEM spares are not always available from the appointed dealers, so waiting times for ordering and delivery of certain components can delay repair work for days if not weeks.

We at A.S.A.P. Spares have been seeing to the needs of motor vehicle mechanics, panel restorers and project builders for more than 20 years. Specialising in pre-loved Peugeot parts, we select only the very best second-hand spares from a diversity of loyal partners and selected suppliers. We also negotiate the purchasing of private, running or wrecked vehicles.

We take pride in ensuring that we supply only the best pre-owned Peugeot parts for your repair. We also stock approved contractor manufacturers’ new spares and lubricants that will keep your Peugeot performing at peak performance.

So, if you are working on a tight budget, or if you are working to a pre-determined finishing deadline or simply restoring a wreck outside of insurance cover, we would suggest that you involve yourself with our growing community of loyal, happy, new and return clients. Contact us today.