Simple Guidelines for You to Follow When Purchasing Opel Spares

Whether new, used or aftermarket, Opel spares are arguably some of the most sought-after car parts in the automotive industry in their respective classes. Versatility, model variety and engine capacity options along with durability and reliability have been responsible for this road runner’s ultimate success. However, with great presence, comes the need for great amounts of spare parts.

Purely because of their extreme popularity, regular maintenance, upkeep and repairs to keep them street-legal and roadworthy have led to an abundance of choices when looking to purchase parts and accessories for these vehicles. The leaders in new and used Opel spares, A.S.A.P. Spares, have a few hints and guidelines for you to follow when selecting parts for your favourite German chariot.

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8 Guidelines to Follow When Procuring Opel Spares

  1. Decide whether you need brand-new original equipment manufacturer (OEM) parts, second-hand (or used/pre-owned) spares or aftermarket parts. Understand the price differences, waiting periods, accessibility of the parts you need and the effects they may have on your vehicle. Do considerable due diligence in this area as each of these options come with its pros and cons.


  1. Unless specifically advised by a trained Opel professional parts provider, try to avoid pirate parts. These are auto parts that have not been sanctioned or approved by the Opel brand, its manufacturing engineers or reputable Opel parts dealers. They are generally not covered by insurers and are usually of questionable quality.


  1. Once you have done due diligence in the above areas but before beginning your search, ensure that you have taken note of the make, model and year of fabrication of the vehicle. To avoid an unnecessary, sometimes costly, double purchase, jot these down in a notepad and load the information on your cell phone for additional assurance.


  1. Other important numbers to have on hand are the Vehicle Identification Number (or VIN), the chassis number of the vehicle and the part number that you are looking for. These three numbers will direct your parts professional to the exact part you require.


  1. Do some research and do your homework. Opel Spares are precious commodities and are often cloned. Know what you are looking for and where you are most likely to find it. Do not go in blindly but use technology like the internet to get a fair idea of the price versus the condition of the parts you are looking for to avoid part performance disappointment.


  1. Begin with the service providers or salvage yards closest to you before branching out to other avenues. Online quotations usually exclude delivery costs. These costs may become extravagant when dealing with the transportation of heavier or bulkier parts or products. Should the parts or products contain hazardous materials, check with your local municipality if there are permits or licenses required to transport them.


  1. Try to take the part with you while scouting various businesses nearby for best prices and availability or take photos of the part with your cell phone. Try to include all angles, fittings, mounting brackets and working parts. Get a picture of the part number, if possible, and where the part fits in relation to its neighbouring parts. Send these pictures to companies further afield if you are shopping online to support your request when asking for quotations.


  1. Finally, whether it is in your local suburb or a neighbouring province, always check the name and reputation of the company you choose to do business with. Enquire within the industry or check references. Also, ensure that the company has a registered telephone number and physical street address, especially when dealing with online purchases.


A.S.A.P. Spares has been the preferred choice of Opel enthusiasts nationwide since 2001. For more than 20 years, we have built our solid reputation on supplying the best quality new and used Opel spares to our new and frequently recurring client base. For expert advice, quality parts and service-orientated solutions, consult with A.S.A.P. Spares, the leaders in new and used auto parts.


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