Genuine Opel Spares In Pretoria At Amazingly Affordable Prices

Opel spares in Pretoria are very expensive when you buy the genuine items from the agents, but this is true of several other brands too and not just of Opel.  Dealer mark-ups on new parts can be very high, making even relatively ordinary parts very expensive, especially on the current crop of more sophisticated cars.  Affordable, good quality spares have therefore become a comparative rarity and unfortunately there are not many specialists offering affordable, genuine spare parts for local motorists.

Affordable Opel Corsa Spares

As a general rule, Opel Corsa spares are relatively affordable, because Corsas have always been honest, simple little cars that sell in large numbers. The good sales figures have ensured that there is a good economy of scale, ensuring that parts prices remain reasonable, but Corsas have become more sophisticated over the years and the latest model is a far cry from the original Corsa “B” that landed on our shores in 1996 and stayed on after the “C” had arrived in 2002 to become the Corsa Lite.  The Opel Corsa Utility use mostly “C” Opel Corsa spares, because it is essentially a light pick-up version of that car, but its days are numbered locally and will be replaced with a brand-new product soon.

Genuine Opel Spares in Pretoria – and Other Brands

We saw a gap in the market ten years ago to supply affordable spares to motorists in South Africa and our brands of choice for which we supply these parts are:

  • Opel
  • Chevrolet
  • Citroën
  • Renault
  • Saab

Both new and used genuine parts are available for these cars and owners of these brands gleefully supported us and helped us grow from a tiny business to a successful and established concern that today supply genuine parts at substantially lower prices than the agents.  These very competitive prices gives you the option to maintain your vehicle affordably – and with genuine parts.

Our Spares Graveyard

In addition to our Opel spares in Pretoria and the four other brands we support, we also buy accident-damaged vehicles and these wrecks are placed in a well-kept scrapyard where you can come and browse for parts for your car at any time.  If you yourself had been involved in an accident and your vehicle is perhaps too old to repair economically, pay us a visit, because we may be able to take the wreck off your hands at a reasonable price.  This means you may still see at least some capital return from your car.

Tow Truck Service

We also own a 6-ton Hino roll-back truck with which we provide a towing and loading service.  We can either tow a vehicle or load it onto the truck’s flatbed, depending in what condition it is, so we can make short work of transporting your accident-damaged vehicle if you live in Gauteng.  This service is also available to haul your perfectly good vehicle to another city if you are relocation, so enquire about this service and you will quickly find we offer more than just Citroën, Renault, Chev, Saab and Opel spares in Pretoria.