Opel has been a known and trusted brand in South Africa for many decades and many people fondly remember the halcyon days of the stunning little GT sports car, the Kadett GTE and GSi hot hatchbacks, and uniquely South African models such as the turbocharged Kadett and Astra tS models and the V6-engined Opel Rekords of the ‘90s. Of course, in those years, the proud German brand was part of the General Motors empire but it has since been acquired by the PSA Group in France. This was most fortunate, preventing Opel’s demise from the local market when GM withdrew from South Africa. As a consequence of its long local history, there are thousands of cars on our roads bearing the famous lightning-strike badge. And these cars need maintenance and spares. This is where we come into the picture.

Scrapyard and Used Spares – As Well as New

Most manufacturers have long since stopped supporting their old models and if you want to service a 1985 Opel Kadett or you need spares for it, the agents won’t be able to help you. Your only hope is to find a good mechanic to work on your car and a reputable source of second-hand parts stripped from accident-damaged cars. This is what we offer with our scrapyard and used parts. We buy accident-damaged cars that are uneconomical or impossible to repair and strip all salvageable spares from them to sell to people like you who are still keeping their old Opels going. It is often the only way to find parts for such old cars.

We also sell new parts for the later models, giving the owners of those cars an even wider choice. These still cost less than they would at the agents too, giving you a far more cost-effective way to keep your daily driver going if it is no longer covered by any type of warranty or service/maintenance plan. It makes no sense to overcapitalise on an old car that’s worth very little and now you don’t have to, because we have your old Opel covered. In fact, we also cater for five other brands, namely Chevrolet, Citroën, Suzuki, Peugeot, and Renault.

Satisfaction Guaranteed

We have been around selling spares for our six specialist brands since 2001. Nobody sticks around for that long if they do not offer excellent service and the type of products people want. We are based in Pretoria West and cater for car enthusiasts near and far. You can also rest assured that we will happily exchange a faulty part for a functioning one and that all our dealings with our customers adhere to the Consumer Protection Act and are governed by an ethical code of conduct. We are proud of our family business and hold ourselves to a very high standard.

Visit us in Pretoria today to have a look at our shop and scrapyard or make use of our request-a-part service, which is accessible on every page of our website.