Buying Opel Parts in Pretoria

Opel is a brand that has never enjoyed the same prestige for its sporty cars like Volkswagen, for example. But while those feeling zesty have traditionally always defaulted to the Golf GTI, or lately the Mini and other hatches, those driving a Super Boss years ago were smiling quietly to themselves. Capable of producing some really powerful cars with matching comfort, Opel has always played poor cousin to other more dominant brands in South Africa.

With that being said, a large contingent of South Africans has latched onto the Opel brand for reasons that vary from longer-term service costs (they’re reasonable) all the way through to the desire for a performance vehicle that blows your hair back. There has also been a false perception that Opel and other comparatively less popular brands in the country are somehow more difficult to service and maintain. That might have been true of Fiat and one or two others 50 years ago, but today’s global economy has put paid to such realities. There might have been a tolerance of repairs taking a month or more decades ago, but modern consumers expect everything on their shores, and Opel parts certainly aren’t scarce or hard to come by.


Indeed, the percentage of South Africans who drive Opel has contributed to a large and well-populated Opel parts market, and the brand is ubiquitous on South African roads. A German brand, Opel is often spoken of as the unsung German car because it has a lot of the engineering of other German brands but purposefully aims at a broader market in the way it puts its cars together. In fact, remarkably reliable and driver-tolerant, Opel’s cars seldom edge close to the top of the best-seller list, but the Opel fraternity is often committed to the brand regardless, with many previous Opel drivers upgrading to another Opel. That says a lot. Seen as an open secret amongst Opel drivers, the brand’s cars often perform surprisingly well both in terms of overall economy and longevity, and especially when it comes to street kicks!

Where to Find Opel Parts in Pretoria

It seems Opel picked a basket of goods to accentuate in their cars, and the formula is a strong one. The brand is known for being racy, as the performance of their top-end vehicles is impressive. The aircon is always praised by owners, seemingly no matter which model they’re driving, and the styling is sleek. Add to that its reliability and ease of finding Opel parts, and it’s not hard to see how the brand has built up a dedicated following over the years.

It’s important to note that buying secondhand Opel and other brands’ parts is a big contributor to a greener auto industry – here “why buy new when secondhand will do?” is an extremely valid question, and Opel parts are also not known for flimsy manufacture. The pricing structure on secondhand Opel parts also allows repairs to be jiffy and affordable, meaning you suffer less downtime and Opel drivers everywhere can maintain their steeds in tip-top condition. In Pretoria, as in any other major city in the country, finding fairly priced and good condition secondhand Opel parts normally involves visiting innumerable scrapyards, hunting for stripped spares. At A.S.A.P. Spares, we’ve taken the headache out of finding the right Opel parts in a flash. We strip out quality spares from cars in our scrapyard.

No less quality control goes into the used spares we offer for sale than goes into the wide range of new spares we offer too. Each secondhand Opel part is tested for soundness and integrity before we put it on the shelf, clean and good as new. Moreover, we price affordably–we’re not jumping on the bandwagon of crazy price escalations on motor car parts we’ve seen at times in this country–and we really want to keep our customers moving.

A.S.A.P. Spares Carries a Wide Range of Opel Parts New and Secondhand

A.S.A.P. Spares guarantees its new and secondhand spares. We’re not fuzzy around the edges on our guarantee because we know the quality of the secondhand Opel parts we sell. We strip, handle and test all of our spares, and secondhand Opel parts are no exception. Shop with us with complete peace of mind, knowing that you’re repairing your Opel with parts that meet or exceed the specifications of your car, and all at an affordable price designed to get you back on the road, well, A.S.A.P.

We’ve made a point of being clear on the Consumer Protection Act – no shady behaviour or dodging the buck from us – but far more importantly, we just like being of service! We strip damaged vehicles we glean from local sales and insurance incidents, but the difference at A.S.A.P. Spares is that we demand extremely high quality as standard from our secondhand spares. We like keeping smiles at maximum and returns to a minimum. You can call us with your requirements and, in the unlikely event that what you need isn’t available amongst our extensive range of Opel parts, we’ll get availability and price to you pronto.

You can come and pick and choose from the Opel parts on offer anytime during business hours if you enjoy the real feel of scrapyard shopping, and that way you’ll know the parts you buy from their source. Call on us–we’re constantly updating our Opel parts range, and we promise you great service at an affordable price to keep your Opel rolling!