Looking for Affordable Opel Kadett Spares?

The Kadett was produced by the German manufacturer Opel. It was produced during two periods – from 1937 to 1940, and then again later from 1962 to 1991, when the Kadett was replaced by the Opel Astra.  The first Kadett was released to the market in 1936, and the later models were based on an innovative chassis-less construction, which made them easy to produce in high volumes and at low cost.

This made these vehicles especially popular with smaller families and young people.  Later the Kadett was streamlined to reflect new developments in vehicle manufacturing, and brakes were at this stage controlled with hydraulics.  The suspension was very modern and featured a type of springing that was already used for the larger Opel models.  This suspension system was called “Dubonnet” and General Motors in France were the first to purchase the license for this system.  Even though this system provided a very smooth ride, it also compromised handling ability and road holding to a certain extent, especially in light, small cars such as the Kadett.

The Kadett proved to be extremely popular and by 1938, over 33 000 of these vehicles where manufactured and sold.  Opel Kadett spares were also available in all the countries where these vehicles were sold.  Opel Kadett was also manufacturer in South Africa by General Motors SA, and the South African models largely included the four-door sedan, five-door hatchback and an estate vehicle.

The South African-made Kadett GSi was eventually upgraded in the early nineties and this led to a whole new interest in production car racing, and they regularly featured in the Stannic Group N races. In 1991, the decision was made by General Motors to standardise the names of Opel vehicles across the board, and the Kadett then became known as the Astra.  The Kadett name continued to be used in South Africa until the late nineties, when all Opel Kadetts were rebranded as Astra.

If you are the owner of an Opel Kadett, you will know how difficult it can be to get hold of spares and parts for the repairs and maintenance of your vehicle.  Usually, servicing and maintenance have to be carried out according to the specifications of the manufacturer, and experts recommend that only authentic Opel parts are used.  Of course, there are generic parts that function very well and are often cheaper, but the market for authentic parts is still a large one.  If durability, longevity, safety and reliability are what you need, we recommend that you only use authentic Opel Kadett spares for your Opel Kadett.  They may be difficult to find, but this is where A.S.A.P. Spares fulfil a crucial role, as we always have access to the relevant spares that you may need.

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