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Opel Corsa spares are in high demand in South Africa, because this little Opel has been a hit with South Africans ever since its launch here in 1996 and there is always a strong spares market for the top sellers.  The Corsa “A” was sold in Europe since 1982 and went through several revisions until Corsa “B” eventually replaced it in 1993; the local market welcomed this model in 1996.  Corsa “B” was a very popular model and sold uninterruptedly on the local market all the way up to 2009 – it was called the Corsa Lite from 2004.

Plentiful Opel Parts

Opel parts for the Corsa “B” model is plentiful in South Africa, thanks to the long production run and even though the Brazilian version of Corsa “C” landed on local shores in 2002, the original continued in 3-door hatchback form as Corsa Lite for another five years. During 2002, the “B” received a facelift that can be recognised by the creases on the bonnet, revised rear light clusters and several detail changes; this also heralded the introduction of the 1.4-litre engine to replace the old 1300, so some of the Opel parts between these models differ.

We have experienced strong growth since our inception in 2001 and we are now a flourishing business with in-house specialists for most of the above-mentioned brands.  Opel parts are top sellers and we can offer you Astra, Kadett and Opel Corsa spares, amongst many others.

First ensure which model you have to secure the correct Opel Corsa spares if your car’s date of registration is 2002, because several parts differ, especially mechanical and engine parts.  While the 1400 was hardly any faster than the fizzy and popular 1300, it exhibited enhanced low-end torque delivery and was coupled to taller gearing for less frenetic cruising; it was appreciated for its excellent refinement and fuel consumption.  This engine was employed until production ceased in 2009 and is noted for its toughness and reliability if well cared for.

Current Corsa

We sell new and used Opel Corsa spares for all of these models, including the current Corsa, which had reached us in 2007 and was initially only marketed with small engines, unlike the “B”, which were available in 1.6 and 1.8 derivatives.  These were later followed up by the sizzling OPC model with a 141 kW 1600 turbo engine and a Sport model with 110 kW; however, a large gap in the range remained between these performance models and the lowlier models in the range and together with higher prices, the new Corsa sold in lower numbers.

Spares for all Opels

Besides our Opel Corsa Spares, we sell new and used genuine parts for all Opels; here is a summary of the services we can offer you:

  • New and used spares for Opel, Chevrolet, Saab, Renault, Citroën and Peugeot.
  • A well-kept scrapyard where you can browse for parts.
  • We buy and sell accident-damaged vehicles.
  • We have a flatbed tow truck if you need to haul a vehicle.