There seems to be quite a proliferation of scrapyards in Johannesburg and Pretoria but finding the right part for your car at one of them is certainly no easy feat. On the face of it, they all look very similar and it is not immediately obvious at which one of them you’re likely to find what you need. If you drive a Citroën, Chevrolet, Suzuki, Peugeot, or Renault and you live in or near Pretoria, things are a lot easier. Amongst all the many scrapyards our there, ours specialise in those six brands exclusively. But we go a lot further than just offering you an array of wrecks to browse through for a part for your car. In fact, considering our full-service offering, you might never have to go anywhere else again if you need spares for one of our six brands!

Like any of the other typical scrapyards, you can peruse ours for the parts you are looking for and if you cannot find them – or have found them and need them stripped from a car – you can ask our friendly staff to assist. But besides that, we also have a shop where you can buy both new and used spares for our six specialist brands, giving you a viable – and far more affordable – alternative to buying brand-new spares and sky-high prices through the manufacturer’s official channels. This is especially helpful if you have taken the decision to drive your car well into its old age and you know full well it is not worth much anymore. It would make no sense if its maintenance remains prohibitively expensive. With the help of the right scrapyards, you can run it on a budget.

Another service we offer is that we buy accident-damaged cars from which we can strip salvageable parts to sell in our shop. Coming back to the elderly car we mentioned earlier that is kept running on a budget – these cars are often only covered by third-party, fire, and theft insurance or by none at all. Therefore, if such a car suffers and irreparable failure or is damaged beyond repair in an accident, the owner is stuck with the wreck and no pay-out. We can make such an owner an offer for the wreck, taking it off their hands and giving them some money in return to show for it. As long, of course, it is one of our six specialist brands.

We work strictly in accordance with the stipulations of the Consumer Protection Act (CPA) and all our processes are simple and transparent, offering you the ultimate peace of mind. If you buy a faulty part from us, simply bring it back unaltered and we will exchange it for you. We have been around since 2001 and our business’s longevity can be attributed to a number of factors, not least our high standard of business ethics and our excellent service. Visit us today in Pretoria West to see why we are not like the other scrapyards you have become used to.