A.S.A.P. Spares’ auto-parts shop and scrapyard are located in Hermanstad, Pretoria West and we specialise in supplying both new and used parts for the above-mentioned six vehicle brands:


This famous French brand was responsible for ground-breaking cars like the extremely advanced DS from the 1950s that featured never-before-seen features such as the innovative hydraulic suspension system, futuristic styling and cornering headlights. They’ve always sold in relatively low volumes in South Africa and even left the country for three years from 2016 to 2019 but now they’re back. However, with Citroëns being relatively thin on the ground, we are your go-to auto-spares supplier for these excellent cars.


Chevrolet also left the country a few years ago but they don’t have any plans to return. So, the Chevrolets currently on our roads are looked after by Isuzu’s dealerships and, inevitably, their new parts will become scarcer and probably more expensive in future. Good thing then, that we still frequently get fresh supplies of this brands auto spares.


Opel started it all and when our shop opened in 2001, we sold only Opel auto spares. And it was close, or we lost this GM affiliate as well when their parent company left South Africa. Luckily, the French PSA group bought Opel and now their cars’ future is assured in South Africa under Peugeot’s custodianship. We always have and always will sell Opel auto spares at our shop.


Another famous French brand with an illustrious history, Peugeot is responsible for the Opel and Citroën brands in South Africa, as we’ve mentioned earlier. The brand’s cars are fondly remembered in South Africa for the bullet-proof reliability and toughness of their erstwhile 404 and 504 models, the latter of which still criss-cross Africa in their thousands.


The plucky Japanese brand has somehow survived as an independent entity despite their small size and here in South Africa, Suzuki is a huge success story that started with the incredible little go-anywhere SJ410 of the early ’80s, the precursor to today’s Jimny. Now they have a range of attractive and efficient cars and crossovers on the local market and they regularly set new sales records.


The little Renault 5 really put the French brand on the map in South Africa. Today, they have an entire range of cars on the local market, from the high-value little Kwid to the deeply impressive Mégane RS models, not to mention that they have the crossover market covered with the Captur and Koleos.

So, if you are looking for auto spares for any of these great brands, just visit A.S.A.P. in Pretoria today.