If you are looking for an auto parts centre in Pretoria, you should do yourself a favour and drive out on Van der Hoff Road in Pretoria West to have a look at A.S.A.P. Spares’ shop and scrapyard. If you drive a Suzuki, Opel, Peugeot, Renault, Citroën, or Chevrolet, it might be the only auto parts centre in Pretoria you will ever need. We specialise in new and used spares for all these brands, giving you an alternative to the expensive official channels when buying spares for your car. It can be especially helpful in the case of Chevrolet and Citroën, which are both brands that have left the South African market, leaving you with the uncertainty of how long new spares for these brands will remain affordable through the official dealerships of their current representatives, Isuzu and Peugeot.

New and Used Spares

If it’s out there, you will probably find it here. We have a vast array of new spares in our shop but that’s not all. We also have a scrapyard out back where we strip accident-damaged cars for salvageable spares that you can buy at a fraction of the new dealership price. Many people enjoy nothing more than browsing our scrapyard and walking amongst the wrecks until they have found what they are looking for. We have staff on hand to help you remove the parts that you need. If you don’t feel like doing that, just enquire at the front desk and we will check whether we have the part in stock.

If you cannot find a part in our scrapyard and we don’t have it in our shop either, all is not lost. In fact, we have vast supplier network that we have built up painstakingly since we’ve opened our doors in 2001, so if a part is out there, there is a good chance that we will be able to find it. You can even complete the part-request form on our website and we will start looking for your part straight away and let you know the moment we have managed to track it down.

Quality Guaranteed

The worst thing in the world is if you spend your own, hard-earned money on a part for your car, only to find that it is faulty and the auto parts centre is giving you a hard time about it. As long as you don’t change, modify, or damage the part, we will simply exchange it for one that works. We have enlisted the services of SEESA to make sure that our warranty conditions are all in strict accordance with the Consumer Protection Act for your peace of mind. Best of all, our guarantee covers both our new and used spares.

So, if you drive one of our specialist brands and you are worried about the high prices that the franchised dealerships charge for spares, it is time that you visit A.S.A.P.’s auto parts centre in Pretoria West. And we don’t only sell spares; if your car has been written off, we can buy the wreck from you, taking it off your hands and giving you a bit of cash to put towards replacing it. Talk to us today.