Looking to Buy Car Parts Online? Here’s How…

It is one of the unfortunate facts of life that our vehicles have to be maintained and serviced on a regular basis, and often repairs also need to be done. This means that spares and parts are required, and vehicle owners or vehicle maintenance technicians are often outraged at the prices of new parts from the manufacturer. In some cases, purchasing parts directly from the manufacturer can also lead to long delays and high shipping or courier costs, and this is why the online parts and spares market has now become one of the best ways of finding the parts you need.

When looking to buy car parts online, there are many traps and snares one could get caught up in, as the internet is a largely anonymous media and often people promise the world, but fail to deliver. This is why it is important to know what you are doing and how to go about locating suitable parts and getting value for your money!

4 Tips on Buying Online

When looking to buy car parts online, these tips could mean the difference between frustration and success:

  • Know what you need: While it may be very clear to you that you need a spark plug for your VW, it could be a lot more difficult for a supplier who has about three varieties of VW spark plugs. People also often have different terminologies and understandings of exactly what parts or spares are called, and this can create massive confusion. Do your homework and be as clear and factual as you can. If possible, remove the required part and record the part number. It could also be useful to take a picture to ensure that the supplier knows exactly what you want. Certain vehicles can only be fitted with unique spares or parts, and it is essential that the manufacturer’s part number is given in order to ensure that you get the right part for a good fit and an effective repair.
  • Do research: Don’t just jump at any website that seems to have what you want. Take some time to do research and find a supplier that can be trusted, and one that comes highly recommended by friends or professionals. It is also possible to save money by finding a supplier that is fairly close to you, which means that less money will be spent on courier or delivery costs. It is also essential that they provide some form of warranty or money-back guarantee if the part is faulty, especially if it is a used part.
  • Compare: When it comes to looking to buy car parts online, comparison is a good thing – do some research on the average price of the part that you need, because this can give you better bargaining power when it comes to making the purchase. Contact three to five suppliers that you find suitable and ask them to provide you with a quote that includes shipping and posting, and an approximate delivery date. This will give you a good foundation on which to compare the quotes with each other and to choose the best one. Don’t only get fixated on cost though – some suppliers may offer benefits that others don’t.
  • Verification: When placing your order, ensure that the entire transaction is recorded and that the part number and all related costs and warranties are included. This means that you will have recorded proof of the part and service to be delivered by the supplier.


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