Are You in Need of Used Car Parts You Can Trust?

It’s a debate (or a frustration!) as old as motor cars themselves whether “cheap” or used car parts are “as good as” brand name spares, whether there is some compromise on buying anything other than dealership spares, and whether the quality of available spares in the country is broadly industry-regulated. Well, much of the debate is unnecessary, and two principal factors should inform anyone in need of used car parts.

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Firstly, cars are engineered, mechanical constructs. They have moving parts with known wear and tear tolerances, hence the whole second-hand spares market. Put another way, the second-hand spares market exists because, from the mechanical construct of cars, we can extract components that do indeed perform as well as brand new spares. That’s just the nature of mechanics, where metal, rubber and plastic work and wear in a certain way and can be gauged for their fitness relatively easily.

Of course, it’s not that simple, and the second, highly relevant component to the debate is the integrity and service levels of the supplier of used spares. Put that another way, and it means that there are scrupulous suppliers with high integrity, strong service levels, and a transparent and trustworthy approach to their clients. They, like any other good business, don’t deal in junk they’re trying to upsell, but rather pride themselves on offering a range of goods that they know will perform as desired, provide value for money, and satisfy their customers. Then there are the less scrupulous dealerships, and they are the ones giving used auto parts a bad name, and also the ones fuelling the whole debate about second-hand car parts.


Insist on Trust When You’re in Need of Used Car Parts

When you’re in need of used car parts, remember two things. Firstly, used spares can be eminently trustworthy and do indeed provide great value for money, especially against the sometimes extortionate prices brands often charge for their replacement parts. And secondly, you need to go to people you can trust. Some dealers do indeed make quality goods and high service levels a cornerstone of their business, just like you can find greengrocers or toy shops or clothing outlets operating on the same principles. Good for you, good for business.

Most people are intimidated by mechanical issues because cars are such a huge part of the human experience, they feel like they ought to know everything about it. They feel frustrated and nervous about sorting out car problems even when they know which component is failing and possibly even how to repair it. This is silly, because if you opened the average laptop, for example, 99 per cent of people wouldn’t know what they’re looking at, no matter that computers, too, are a huge presence in human lives.

Again, the resolution to the angst around buying used car parts is a simple one – find a supplier you can trust! That follows the conventional lines of any good business conduct and is easy to pinpoint too. When you’re in need of used car parts, a great supplier will be friendly and helpful, they’ll freely give of their knowledge and expertise around your issue, and they’ll stand by the components they offer. You’ll know when you’re in a store that cares, just as you do when you’re in a store of any other nature that has the integrity to provide honest and caring service to its customers.


A Good Auto Parts Supplier Takes the Load Off You

Cars are complex, forever evolving, and it takes a dedicated focus to stay on top of the spares market. Indeed, it takes a specialist approach to keep ahead of used car parts to be sure of their suitability and cost in relation to the market at large. That should be the foundation of a good supplier – a wholesale focus on used spares that generates an intimate knowledge, and great service. A great supplier knows that when you’re in need of used spares, they will fill the role of quality assurance tester, having vetted the components they’re offering for sale, courier guy (if parts need to come from elsewhere), and a trusted advisor offering installation tips and all needed information around the repair too.

Thus, a great used spares supplier will take the load (and worry) off you and provide a one-stop service that allows you to walk in and purchase components that are fit-for-purpose, quality-assured and guaranteed to do the job.


A.S.A.P. Spares Excels at Servicing Your Used Car Part Requirements

A.S.A.P. Spares has been at the forefront of supplying trustworthy spares to customers in the greater Pretoria area for more than just a couple of years. Our approach is simple: we want to resolve your issues through a wide range of used car parts, detailed knowledge of all things auto, and exemplary service. Come to us for a different experience – one without the fear of being overcharged or even sold something that isn’t the exact component you need.

We share our expertise openly because we know that’s what makes motoring a happy arena for everyone, and we’ll supply you with quality spares at affordable prices. Call us whenever you’re in need of used car parts – it will be our pleasure to get you rolling again!