4 Interesting Facts About Peugeot and Where to Get Peugeot Spares

The French brand Peugeot started in 1810 and still enjoys a prestigious status in the automotive world. However, much like many of their contemporaries, they started with humble beginnings. Nonetheless, 2021 saw the brand doubling sales online – despite being in the midst of a global pandemic. With online car sale statistics on the rise, it’s safe to say that this vehicle brand is going from strength to strength. Happily, since there are so many Peugeots around, Peugeot spares can be found pretty quickly, especially when you choose a reputable supplier like A.S.A.P. Spares.

Peugeot Spares

Here we explore four exciting facts that you might not know about Peugeot.

  1. Peugeot Started as a Coffee Mill

Yes, you read that correctly. When Peugeot started, vehicles were not even on the agenda. The company was started by the Peugeot brothers, who decided to transform their father’s grain mill into a steel foundry. Soon, they were manufacturing all sorts of items for the kitchen, including coffee grinders and pepper grinders. They then manufactured saws, wire wheels, and even umbrella frames. By 1882, bicycles were added to the equation, and the brand’s penny-farthing bicycle was introduced to the French market.

  1. The First Car Was a Three-Wheeled Affair

It was 76 years after its inception that the brand launched its first car. However, it wasn’t a car like you might see today, but rather a three-wheeled, steam-operated machine. Leon Serpollet designed it, and four vehicles in this design were subsequently manufactured. However, the vehicle’s heaviness and the slow process of heating the car via steam highlighted some design flaws, and changes were soon made to adapt the bulky contraption. By 1890, their first 4-wheeled model was launched. This vehicle was fuelled by petrol and donned sliding-gear transmission and specialised three-point transmission.

The 4-wheeled vehicle was a game-changer for the brand, and a further 29 cars were manufactured in 1892. By the year 1899, Peugeot was making 300 vehicles a year. In 2019, the brand manufactured a massive 1,2 million passenger cars, with the 208 models being the most popular.

  1. They Were an Important Manufacturer During World War I

Peugeot was part of the war effort during World War I, using their factory to produce all sorts of things for the French army, including military vehicles, military tanks, arms, bicycles, and shells. One of their military vehicles was an armoured version of their commercial design and included space for an enclosed gun shield. An army truck was also designed in 1914 by the brand, and it was only after the war ended that they returned to manufacturing vehicles. However, in 1920, some of these vehicles were sent to Poland to help the polish effort in the Polish-Soviet War. While new models soon began to take their place, three remaining Peugeot service vehicles saw combat against Germany’s invading forces during World War II, highlighting their durable design.

  1. They Launched an Electric Car in the 1940s

Always a little ahead of the curve, Peugeot launched an electric vehicle in 1941. It was called the Peugeot VLV, and this stood for Voiture Légère de Ville, which translated to “light city car.” The design was met with shock and surprise as the company was one of France’s only automotive brands to show a keen interest in electronic cars. Powered by 12-volt batteries located under the vehicle bonnet, the car reportedly drove 36 kilometres per hour. Production occurred after war-related fuel restrictions curbed petrol usage amongst civilians. However, after 377 models were built, the car was eventually banned.

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