As A Specialist Citroën Parts Supplier, We Can Assist You With New And Used Citroën Spare Parts

New Citroën parts have proven to be rather expensive and sometimes difficult to source from the agents and there had been a few reasons for this:

  • Citroën is a fully imported brand and therefore all cars and parts have to be sourced from France.
  • The local subsidiary never used to have a large local parts inventory because of the relatively low sales volumes, so common replacement parts were available off the shelf, but less common parts had to be flown in from France, sometimes causing significant delays.
  • Because of the relatively low sales volumes, margins had tended to be high on parts to make business sense.

The situation has somewhat improved since Citroën’s return as a fully French-owned subsidiary since 2010 and it now pools its resources with Peugeot South Africa.

Citroën Spare Parts Now More Commonplace?

The resultant PCSA (Peugeot Citroën South Africa) should ensure that Citroën spare parts are more affordable and easier to secure within a lower timeframe, but the fact remains that Citroën is a niche brand.  Therefore, sales volumes remain low compared to mainstream brands and although the French brand has a loyal local following, spares are often far more affordable from other sources.  We provide a specialist Citroën service and our in-house Citroën specialist can assist you with finding nearly any Citroën spare parts, new or used.

Many Loved Models

During the time Citroën returned to South Africa ten years ago under the Imperial banner, Citroën parts were non-existent on the after-market and could only be sourced from the agents.  Owners had to pay high prices for parts and the brand had a relatively slow start on the local market with somewhat anonymous models like the Xsara that appealed only to the Citroën faithful.  However, sales figures increased significantly with the introduction of the stylish C3 and relatively many sold on the local market.

Citroën parts became readily available on the used market and today, we can provide parts for many of the popular Citroëns.  An unexpectedly popular model was the C2, which was Citroën’s answer to the Mini – it was a boutique 3-door hatch with four seats and really funky styling and struck a chord with many people, especially women.  The range culminated in the sporty but affordable VTS 1.6, but the 1.4-litre VTR was responsible for the bulk of the sales.  The C2 is no more, but it had a good run of nearly seven years and remain popular used for its handy size, cute looks and excellent fuel consumption.

Modern Citroëns

Citroën parts supply has recovered notably since the French takeover, but this has also meant that, with all the Citroëns now in circulation, we are able to obtain a steady supply of new and used parts at excellent prices to help Citroën owners keep their vehicles running like clockwork.  Modern Citroëns may have lost some of their quirky styling, but they offer excellent quality and specification in their respective classes, which should see sales figures climb even further.

We are a proudly South Africa BEE Level 5 company and we can assist you with practically any Citroën parts today.