We Sell Used Chevrolet Parts

Chevrolet is a car manufacturer that carries decades of brand conviction in its badge, with the brand gaining worldwide popularity in the 1950s, producing long and wide cars that have been referred to as “ships for the road” countless times. With such a rich history, it is only natural that modern Chevrolet vehicles are selling and can be found on the streets of South African cities such as Pretoria. Although the brand has been officially withdrawn from the South African market, it does not seem to impact people’s choices to still buy and drive second-hand models, as the Chevy brand has won the hearts of many car enthusiasts and can deliver a wide spectrum of cars to choose from on the second-hand market.

Should you be looking for a small city-friendly vehicle to use as your daily driver, the Spark and Sonic are both viable options, with the Lumina available for those who prefer the roar of authentic American muscle under their right feet, and a plethora of sedans in between these extremes to choose from. Should you be the owner of a Chevrolet and on the lookout for a place where you can buy quality Chevrolet used parts, A.S.A.P. Spares can be of service to you, not only in supplying new and used Chevrolet parts for your vehicle, but also some added extras to give you the peace of mind and customer satisfaction that you deserve.

How We Can Help You

Whether you drive an old Aveo or an almost-new Sonic, we can offer a variety of used Chevrolet parts at affordable and fair prices for your vehicle. Our premises feature a scrapyard full of parts to explore, allowing you to find exactly what you need by browsing through our selection, and if we do not have a specific part in stock, you can request it. This entails that we find the part you ae looking for, and once we have acquired it, we sell it to you at a reasonable price, saving you valuable time and money in the process.

With every single Chevrolet used part purchased at A.S.A.P. Spares, you will receive a customer satisfaction guarantee, allowing you to return any faulty parts and spares according to the guarantee’s stipulations and have them replaced with working parts. Should the day come that you find yourself involved in an accident that renders your Chevy damaged beyond repair, A.S.A.P. Spares can make an offer to buy your wrecked vehicle at a fair price, giving you some money to put towards replacing your beloved Chevy. With our selection of comprehensive services added on top of our ample supply of used Chevrolet parts, your Chevy will always be in good hands with us.

We offer new and used parts for Chevrolet, Renault, Citroën, Peugeot, Suzuki, and Opel vehicles. For more information about our products and services, feel free to peruse our website or visit our premises in Pretoria-West. Come and browse for yourself and find the exact part you need to get your vehicle back to running condition.