Affordable, Genuine Chevrolet Parts At A Fraction Of Their Dealer Prices

Like most manufacturers, Chevrolet parts are relatively expensive when bought directly from the agents and South Africans have few alternatives if they are looking for more affordable genuine parts for their Chevrolets.  There are a few alternatives, yes, but not none at all, because we sell affordable genuine parts for a handful of brands; not only Chevrolet, but also Citroën, Opel, Saab and Renault.  Our business has been running for ten years now and has continued to expand as new car parts have become increasingly expensive.

Consider a Used Chevrolet and We can Supply Chevrolet Spare Parts

Our presence on the automotive landscape and the availability of affordable Chevrolet spare parts through our spares outlet have made it worthwhile for people to consider buying certain used Chevs they not otherwise have considered.  New cars are very expensive in South Africa, but people extend themselves financially to afford one to get the full protection and benefit from the new car warranty.  They fear that they would not be able to maintain the car after the warranty has expired and that replacement genuine Chevrolet spare parts would be too expensive.

This is where we come in, offering you Chevrolet parts at a considerable saving and affording you the opportunity to maintain your ageing Chev at much-reduced cost.  This holds true for our other brands too and it has the effect of bolstering your vehicle’s used value, because people know that, if they buy a Chev, Opel, Citroën, Renault or Saab used, we are there as an alternative to the agents to provide spare parts when they become necessary.

Why the Used Spares Business is Booming

We have had great success selling our affordable Chevrolet parts and used part outlets like ours have boomed because of the following reasons:

  • The effects of the recession are still having an impact and people are looking at ways to save money – including their car maintenance.
  • A good used spare may be perfectly sound and cost a fraction of a new part, while still doing its job perfectly and lasting for years.
  • Modern cars are very expensive to maintain and the preposterous prices that some of the agents charge for certain parts are simply not reasonable.
  • If your car is old and worth little, it does not make sense to overcapitalise on it and pay exorbitant prices for certain parts – these types of cars are often best maintained using serviceable used spares.

It Pays to Shop Around

Whether you are looking for Chevrolet parts or those of any other brand, never automatically assume that you get the best deal at your nearest spares shop, least of all at the agents.  Once you have compared all the prices you had obtained with ours, you would understand why we are playing such an important role in the lives of Opel, Chevrolet, Renault, Citroën and Saab drivers who want to maintain their cars affordably.

Then be reminded that we even offer a car hauling and towing service; whether you need a wreck moved in Gauteng or your car delivered to your new house anywhere in South Africa.  This, and all the affordable Chevrolet parts you will ever need.