Top 5 Questions to Ask Yourself Before You Buy Car Parts

Should you be busy with a garage project with no specific deadline or finishing date, sometimes the search for just the correct part or component might be half the fun of the build. Scratching around in scrapyards or second-hand shops for car parts can be both therapeutic and a very rewarding exercise.

Whether you are an avid “weekend warrior” or a more professional auto renovator on a specific deadline where the finishing time is not negotiable, you would need a professional service provider with an organised inventory system with neat, concise, prearranged shopping spaces and storage yards with a knowledgeable staff complement that can assist you quickly, efficiently, and professionally.

Of course, purchasing generic, non-genuine car parts is always an option. It certainly has some advantages if you are sourcing components for your build on a deadline and they usually are far cheaper than original alternatives, but for longevity and vehicle safety, you would most certainly want the peace of mind of a genuine, factory-produced part or panel which has been inspected and approved by the manufacturer of that specific vehicle.

Sourcing the exact, original car parts you will be needing is not all that difficult. The unfortunate and inherent problem of investing in brand-new parts from the nominated dealer in your area is that it’s often not cost-efficient and usually adds hundreds, if not thousands to the budget of the build.

This is why “weekend builders” and professional workshops alike have resisted this avenue of repair and have settled for sometimes unreliable or unsustainable generic car part solutions. However, this is where excellent-quality, genuine second-hand car parts have bridged this gap.

This solution has provided a safer, more reliable finished product at an extremely competitive and reasonable investment. However, once you have decided upon this avenue of repair, there are certain questions you must ask yourself before you can make a solid buying decision.

For your convenience, we have put together five of the most essential questions to ask yourself before placing your order for car parts.

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5 Most essential questions to ask yourself before placing order for car parts

1) Is the Car Part New or Used?

Although we do stock selected car parts and components new, the majority of our stocks are used, taken from a plethora of carefully selected salvaged, accident-damaged, or privately purchased vehicles. If you need to make a repair on a tight budget and don’t have the additional funds to purchase new from your local brand dealer, you need to know that the part you are purchasing is an original, factory-produced one and of the best possible quality.

2) Is Your Car Part an OEM or Aftermarket Car Auto Part?

Never assume that all automotive parts are manufactured with the same materials, processes, checks, and balances. As we know, the quality and price of an aftermarket piece will vary significantly to a new or used original equipment manufacturer or OEM part. OEM products are often more expensive, specifically new, but they have been designed by the original vehicle manufacturer specifically for use on your vehicle project.

The difference is that aftermarket parts are produced by a third-party company. Even though they may appear more cost-effective, questions of quality, fit, and compatibility would be justified in some cases.

This is why we would suggest you investigate the used alternative of the original part, panel, or component. They are more affordable than new and have completed specification test requirements of the manufacturer.

3) Is the Car Auto Part Number Correct?

Whether phoning in for inquiry, requesting a quote, or ordering a part, you want to ensure that the part that you need is the part that is being quoted to you. Nothing is more frustrating than doing a costing for yourself or a customer, travelling to the spares premises or receiving a part and it is either incorrect or the fitting adjustments are wrong.

Unfortunately for the most part, the responsibility of this fault usually falls upon the person who placed the order. This is where the “measure twice, cut once” theory would apply. Although part numbers are long, always ensure that you have noted it down accurately and always double and then triple check it. A single-digit difference might result in a costing differentiation or the supply of an incorrect part.

4) What are the Shipping Fees and Freight Charges Involved?

Understandably, you will shop around trying to find the most competitive prices. At times, this might entail ordering parts or products from out of town or even different cities. It must be kept in mind though that really good quotations could be far outweighed by the shipping and freight charges. Free delivery within a certain distance of the spares supplier might be an option and is beneficial but these costs must nevertheless be considered when ordering the parts.

This is why we would suggest using us at A.S.A.P. Spares when preparing a quotation or considering a reliable, affordable part supplier. If we do not have the particular part in stock, we will use our significant network of part suppliers to source what you need. Because of our extensive suppliers list and already established relationships with these partners, even shipped-in parts are of high quality and extremely cost effective.

5) Is There a Return Policy for the Purchase or is a Warranty Supplied with the Car Product?

Even the best research and careful investigation can be thwarted by an incorrect, ill-fitting, or damaged part. Always refer to the suppliers’ website and familiarise yourself with that company’s return policy. It is widely known and accepted in the automotive industry that because of the risk of misuse or damage to a part being fitted by the customer, that returns are minimalised.

Most used or refurbished parts will be supplied without a return policy or warranty but selected new parts might very well have a guarantee included. It is important to enquire about these options prior to the purchase of your order.

Even though this list might seem extensive, it would only benefit you, the customer, to familiarise yourself with this information in order to make your procurement experience all the more satisfying.

We at A.S.A.P. Spares have been providing efficient, professional services and affordable, quality new and used genuine car parts for more than 20 years.

Developing long-term relationships with both our valued clients as well as our network of professional part suppliers have solidified us as one of the largest, leading new and used automotive parts, components, and accessories suppliers in South Africa. Become part of our family, contact us, and explore our website and let’s begin our journey together.