That’s right, A.S.A.P. Spares in Hermanstad, Pretoria sells new and used car parts for these six brands at far lower prices that what they would cost if you had to buy them new from the manufacturer. In this way, we help people maintain their daily drivers on a budget and keep them running economically for far longer than would otherwise have been possible. Your old car might have already lost a large chunk of its value and is now only worth a fraction of what it cost new, but such is the problem with buying new parts through the official channels – they still cost what new vehicles’ spares cost. This simply makes no sense at all on an old vehicle.

The Alternative – Used Car Parts

While we sell new car parts for these six brands at discounted prices, we go one step further by giving you a choice the manufacturer of your vehicle cannot – the option of buying used spares instead. Remember, you don’t need new spares for every eventuality; sometimes, used spares are just fine, and they cost a whole lot less! Think about a gear-lever knob, cubby-hole lid, window glass, seats, bumpers, and a myriad of other trim items that work just as well as used spares in good nick as an expensive, brand-new one. We also have a scrapyard on our premises in which you can browse for what you need – and friendly staff that will strip the spares from the vehicles for you.

Sell Us Your Wreck

We always need more wrecks from which we can strip salvageable car parts to sell to our customers. We buy these wrecks at auctions and from salvage yards and the general public. So, if your car has reached the end of the road in an accident and it is uneconomical to fix, you can sell it to us if the eventuality is not covered by insurance. We get a vehicle for our scrapyard and you get some money in your pocket to put towards your next vehicle – or to use for whatever you want.

Proud History

We have been selling affordable car parts since 2001 and have become the go-to spares supplier in Pretoria for anyone driving one of our six specialist brands. We pride ourselves on our honesty and transparency; that is why we have been around for so long. Visit us today in Pretoria West and have a look at the vast range of spares we have on offer.