You Can Buy the Most Valuable Car Parts at Scrapyards

Whether you are busy with a rebuild project from yesteryear or you’re reconstructing a newer model or accident-damaged rebuild, or whether you’re building an entire engine, at some point, you are going to need valuable car parts that you can buy at scrapyards.

Yes, there is always the alternative of budgeting for brand-new or original equipment manufacturer (OEM) parts or aftermarket parts, both of which have their own specific advantages and disadvantages but there will always be a place for valuable, pre-owned, second-hand car parts, especially because of the waiting list for some of the new auto spares or the inconsistency of quality in some of the aftermarket spares available to you.

Brand-new OEM spares and prerequisites such as brake pads, piston rings and bearings, sparkplugs, filters, oil, and other automotive fluids as well as clutch plate kits, windscreen wipers, and batteries are obviously best bought new within the specifications of the manufacturer’s guidelines but, should you be working on either a tight budget or if you’re restoring an older model, original, second-hand car parts might be the way to go.


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Second Hand is Still Manufacturer Approved

The main benefit of choosing pre-owned car parts that you would buy at scrapyards is that it is budget friendly. Yes, the car parts are second hand but, if carefully selected and the make and model of your project is an earlier version of the donor vehicle, you would be investing in newer versions of the same component. This might lead to extended life expectancy of the same product or possibly added features and benefits of an upgraded product, and it would have gone through the same rigorous testing and approval of the engineers that originally designed them.

Some of the most sought-after car parts include the power plants, or engines, specifically those with low mileage and which have come from a reputable donor vehicle with a proven service history and a list of previous owners. Also on the list of valuable car parts would be any automotive electrical paraphernalia such as the mainframe computer box, the electronic ignition system, the electric window mechanisms, and hard or soft top retracting mechanisms. These components are extremely desirable because they are usually very expensive if bought new, they are not under warrantee or guarantee if they are aftermarket reproduction units, and they aren’t spares that are overly abused. In their second-hand or pre-loved state, they are just as good as brand-new, factory-produced spares.


Be Selective or Don’t Do it at All

Of course, regardless of all the spares available from scrapyards, the most valuable and the most desired car parts that you would expect to find in scrapyards are the auto spares that you most require for the project that you’re busy with. You might not need any of the big or expensive components if the power, transmission, and electronics are all in good working order.

On a rebuild for yourself, a buy-to-sell motor vehicle, or panels being replaced for a client, you would want to be pedantic, wanting original car parts that are compatible with the vehicle that you are busy with and in the spares that you require. From locking mechanisms through to door handles, dashboard lights, buttons or switches, and even the little knobs to release the back seat into a flat position, you would want the finished product to be as original as possible.


You Are Going to Need to Know Where to Find The Car Part You’re Looking For

This is where A.S.A.P. Spares excels! We are happy to assist you with sourcing any car parts you might need. If we don’t have it in stock, we will find it for you, making us your one-stop car parts shop. Should you not need our immediate assistance and would prefer to browse through our neatly arranged scrapyard and our well-stocked indoor shelves for that impossible little part that you need to complete that extremely intricate job, please feel free to do so.

We are not only extremely particular in the selection of our suppliers, but we also specialise in buying only the best stock available. Whether you have a wrecked or accident-damaged vehicle or whether you’re a specialised insurance supplier, we’ll have a look at what you have to offer, or, if you’re working on a project and are in a bind for parts, contact us through our website and we will send you a quotation.


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