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A new era has begun; a new age has dawned. Excellent quality new and used car parts are now available online from your favourite auto parts store. Car parts for sale online from A.S.A.P. Spares are proving popular and convenient for those located far from an auto parts dealership.

We understand that half the fun of planning a vehicle rebuild project is making a list of car parts you need. We also know that physically hunting for them at our neatly organised scrapyard at 324 Van Der Hoff Road, Pretoria West is just as exciting.

Rummaging through our quality new and used auto spares and enjoying friendly banter with the staff whilst securing a price is quite exhilarating. However, for our clients that are farther away and can’t enjoy the in-person shopping experience, we’ve introduced our quality car parts for sale online, right here at A.S.A.P. Spares


A New Era for Quality Car Parts for Sale from A.S.A.P. Spares

Physically searching for excellent quality car parts will undoubtedly continue for as long as there is a car to rebuild. However, the internet is proving to be most helpful in this process. A few clicks on the computer and you can have your part ordered and paid for. But there’s a problem. It’s an urgent build and the spares you had paid for never arrived.

Please be aware that not all online sellers are diligent or honest. You might receive parts in a worse condition than the online images suggest. Incorrect parts may arrive that are not compatible with the year model or, worst case scenario, they don’t arrive at all.

We understand the dilemmas of trust, diligence and delivery whilst shopping online for quality car parts for sale. It is for this reason that we suggest a few simple tips to ensure that your online experience is a pleasant one and that you get what you’ve paid for from a leading, trusted name in the South African new and used auto spares arena.

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4 Simple Suggestions When Shopping Online for Quality Car Parts

  • Contact InformationEnsure that your contact phone number is correct. Include a landline or second cell phone number if you have one.
  • Do the due diligence – Make notes of the make, model and year of fabrication of your car. Be precise with the information. Specifically, if there was a change in the design or shape of the vehicle in that year.
  • Get the numbers right – Double-check the engine and VIN numbers. Make absolutely sure that they’re correct the first time.
  • Don’t forget the part numbers – Make sure of the part numbers that you include with your request. They need to be correct, down to the last letter or number.


General Hints and Tips:

  • If part numbers are difficult to see, take photos of them on your phone and then enlarge them.
  • Always check that the engine and VIN numbers correspond with the paperwork of the vehicle.
  • Ensure to note if the engine has been swapped out with a newer model.
  • Take a photo of the required part and include it with your request.
  • Add an email address if you need to communicate in writing.
  • Contact A.S.A.P. Spares if you need any assistance or advice.
  • Include additional information that cannot fit into the online request fields in our “Tell us what you need” field.

A.S.A.P. Spares has introduced our client base to shopping online for top-quality auto parts. It’s proving to be the ideal solution for our loyal patrons from further afield.

If you are searching for excellent quality, brand new or used car parts for sale online, try A.S.A.P. Spares. We’ve built our reputation on honest, reliable relationships since 2001. For excellent service and dependable delivery, join the A.S.A.P. Spares family. We’ll get the car parts to you.


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