People are apprehensive about second-hand anything, whether it is a used laptop computer, a cellphone, a vehicle, or car parts. While there might be some merit in distrusting that laptop until you have verified that it is, in fact, fully operational and the battery isn’t shot, there is actually very little risk in buying the type of used car parts for sale at A.S.A.P. Spares. And besides, there are a lot of advantages to doing this. How is this so?

The Cost Advantage of Used Car Parts

First and foremost, used car parts are far cheaper than new spares. While this might not bother you much while the manufacturer is still paying for your spares while your new vehicle is still covered by its warranty and service plan, it is certainly a concern for people driving old vehicles and would like to keep them going on a budget. You see, an old car does not necessarily mean cheap spares – not if you’re buying them new from the agents! They are usually as expensive as any new vehicle’s spares and overcapitalising on maintenance costs like this is simply not worth it if you own an older vehicle.

When Second-Hand Will Do

Then there is the issue of whether you even need a new spare if a cheaper used one will do perfectly and a new one offers no tangible advantage whatsoever. Why buy a brand-new cubby-hole lid or wing mirror if you can get a second-hand one in good nick? And then there is the additional problem of older vehicles’ spares not being available new anymore at all from any source. In such a case, second-hand will have to do as well. And if you find a spare in good condition, it does the same job as a new one. But what if you get home and find that something is wrong with it?

Peace of Mind Guaranteed

Nowadays, the South African consumer is protected against this eventuality as well by the Consumer Protection Act (CPA). So, if you buy a faulty spare, you can simply return to your supplier and have it exchanged for one that works, as long as you have not broken it, tampered with it, or modified it. And if you buy your used car parts from A.S.A.P. Spares in Pretoria West, you benefit from nearly two decades of experience in the industry. You can buy affordable new and second-hand parts for Citroëns, Chevrolets, Opels, Suzukis, Peugeots, and Renaults from us.