Buying Used Car Parts in Greater Pretoria

If ever there’s been an industry both celebrated and vilified for its presence in the South African economy, it has to be the used car parts trade. Pretoria, like any other major centre in South Africa, has had a litany of spares operators big and small come and go over the years, although it has to be said that the industry today is a lot more professional and presentable overall than some outfits of yesteryear would have made you believe. Indeed, shopping for used car parts no longer has to happen on the bottom rung–any reputable modern supplier will have transparency, affordability and a guarantee that distinguishes them from backyard dealers.

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It’s important to realise that used car parts bought from someone’s driveway somewhere might do the job, but when they don’t, not only is there often a tussle over the comeback, but you’ve lost valuable time and effort fitting components that don’t fit or won’t work. That might seem a negligible concern when the price is all-important, but buying untested spares is far too often a false economy. Throwaway prices are often just that because someone should have thrown whatever you’re buying away. Suddenly, that smug feeling of a score can immediately sour into a lousy realisation that the part or parts you’ve purchased aren’t going to do the trick or perhaps need further work to render them suitable.

No one today needs to go through such hassles, as reputable dealers like A.S.A.P. Spares have worked hard to transparently strip out, test, and refurbish used car parts for sale to the public. At a dealer like us, you’ll get the history, integrity, and guarantee that comes with whatever used car parts you’re buying. Most importantly, the reason we’ve chosen such a transparent and easy-going approach is because we test every spare that enters our store, and we don’t abide by half-job repairs or partially failed spares. With us, you get the all-important peace of mind of knowing that what you’re buying will fit, will work admirably, and will either maintain or even enhance the performance and value of your vehicle.

When Shopping Car Parts, Go Nuts

Remember when you bought your laptop and brushed up against some tech nut who glowed in technical terms for a moment, making you feel like a pro that was truly on the cutting edge of tech, if only for a moment? That’s more than smooth salesmanship, that’s the result of shopping with people who are nuts about their trade. At A.S.A.P. Spares, we all live and breathe car spares, be they new or secondhand, and we understand the level of quality our customers expect from even used spares. Some things in life can’t be bluffed, and being passionate and knowledgeable about used car parts is one of them.

We know our game, and we’ve built it on an extremely affordable pricing platform that further enhances your satisfaction whenever you buy from us. We guarantee all of our spares because we know they’re as good as new – otherwise, they’d never make it onto our shelves. After all, what does the average used car parts shopper really want? These are some key things:

  • Availability: This is critical. No one wants to stand around for a month or more waiting for some part from somewhere that’s coming… but just not yet. Dealing with a reputable outlet like A.S.A.P. Spares means you’re likely to find whatever you’re looking for right then and there, but it also means that you have a personal PA on your side, someone who can source and cost spares options on items we might be temporarily out of stock on.
  • Affordability: Being able to afford your spares is important, as car maintenance prices can easily get out of hand. Quality, guaranteed spares at an affordable price go a long way towards maintaining the utility and enjoyment you get out of your vehicle.
  • Accompanying knowledge: This is also a remarkably crucial aspect of used spares shopping–you’ll want to lean on someone with industry knowledge of tips and tricks, current pricing, and pitfalls to avoid.
  • A solid guarantee: This is reassurance that you can’t bluff as a supplier, nor feel good about its absence if you’re a buyer. Used car part dealers who give a guarantee on correctly supplied goods stand out from the rest, who either grudgingly give guarantees you just know they’ll try to wheedle out of or give ridiculously short guarantees to safeguard themselves against the component’s possible imminent failure. Great used car parts suppliers don’t dodge the issue like that, because they’ve stripped the spares out themselves, tested for their integrity, and satisfied themselves that the spare part will perform as a new component would.

A.S.A.P. Spares Should Be Your First Port of Call

Come to A.S.A.P. Spares when price, service, and transparency matters. Our shoppers can be assured of our used car parts’ integrity and service long after they’ve been fitted in a repair. It’s because we maintain a high standard for what we accept as used spares that we can be so confident of your satisfaction. We stand behind every component you buy from us.

We strip spares ourselves, evaluate their condition, clean and refurbish as necessary, and only offer what we know is quality merchandise on our shop floor. Call us when you need to keep rolling– we have a massive range of all makes of spares available, at a price that will please you too!