Buying Auto Spares with Confidence

That the tools of humanity demand maintenance is no surprise to anyone, least of all motorists. Things break, and people have formulated dedicated maintenance schedules for just about everything that rolls, turns, opens or shuts since the industrial revolution began. Maintenance seems to inspire one of two responses, again, especially from motorists. One camp loves the thought of fitting something good again, the thought of maintaining your car in a condition that looks great and goes like a bomb. The other camp squirms at the prospect, and dreads wading through warranties that might be in place (although warranties won’t cover wear and tear), trying to figure out what else would ideally be replaced at the same time as needed repairs, and also trying to figure out the most cost-effective route to repair, all the while toggling new or used auto spares’ prices and guarantees in their mind. Wow! That is a lot of angst waiting to happen, and the myriad options on used auto spares and on new auto spares too, certainly don’t help.

Auto Parts Centre Pretoria

How do you know whether cheaper generic auto spares will be as good as the original equipment manufacturer (OEM) version, or whether they’re a better deal than used OEM components, or even used generic components? Well, unless you’re an experienced car mechanic or work with spares daily, you can’t realistically hope to know all of the options on auto spares, with all of their many nuances, off the bat. None of us can dive right into surgery, except of course, surgeons, no matter if we did a CPR course ten years ago.

It’s the same thing – unless you’re working in the field, you can’t have the detailed knowledge at times needed to make a spot-on decision around auto repairs. You don’t want to waste money, and you certainly don’t want to redo repairs because of lousy auto spares.

Taking the Angst Out of Shopping Auto Spares

The angst around mechanical repairs is a very real fear for many people who nonetheless are sooner or later faced with the need. It’s also completely unnecessary, as there are a few simple steps towards making auto repairs a joy, even if you’re nervous about things.

  • Firstly, don’t take it personally, but rather commit to occasional repairs, or many, if you’re set on keeping an older car on the road. The acceptance of the nature of working parts (they wind or grind down – they work hard after all) allows a huge weight to fall from the process of repair. It’s OK, millions of people all over the world will successfully repair their cars this year, and you too have every right to expect yours to be a solid and long-lasting repair. Make it safe, and you’ll feel better for it and maintain your car’s value.
  • Secondly, be reassured that from a time a while ago when “global trade” meant tons of junk flooding South African markets, not only has legislation in all industries improved, but the auto spares market has also very much corrected on the back of self-regulation. Lolly Jackson painting Valiant tailpipes silver might have been a component of the auto sales industry some 40 years ago, but those days of chicanery are forever gone, thankfully! Contrary to the fears of those who dread dealing with auto spares suppliers, there are sterling businesses out there, providing the same level of integrity and customer satisfaction as great businesses in any other industry.
  • Thirdly, you have a PC repair guy, you have a dedicated garden service, or perhaps you have a favourite barber or outfitter. You have, as we all do, a personal list of nominated suppliers for all of your inevitable needs, and those are your suppliers, because you trust them, you’ve satisfied yourself that they’re people of integrity and that they provide a good service at a reasonable price. Auto spares can be exactly the same. Exactly.

Here’s the Thing About Auto Spares from A.S.A.P. Spares

At  A.S.A.P. Spares, our business ethos is born of a single acknowledgement: the safety factor is a high priority in moving contraptions! Put differently, we have no desire to have mechanical failures on our conscience! That’s the opposite of our desired outcome in dealing with you. We like supplying quality new and used auto spares, which is why we handle everything ourselves, test everything we need to, and satisfy ourselves that what we’re selling you is not just fit for purpose, but the best fit all around too.

We’ve also done away with the old adage of buying used parts being a cheapie option destined to fail – we stand behind every tested and refurbished component we stock, and we’re still standing tall! That’s the kind of legitimacy you can’t bluff. When it comes to new auto spares too, have no fears. We’ll capably guide you through the swiftest and most affordable route to success, with our intimate knowledge of parts new and used across automakers (but with a definite focus on Opel, Renault, Suzuki, Chevrolet, Peugeot, and Citroën). At A.S.A.P. Spares, you can afford the best auto spares, up to and including original parts. That’s the pricing model we’ve adopted – it’s in your favour.

If there’s a hack you can employ, if there’s a more effective route, you’ll get it from us in the form of just the right parts you need to enjoy a solid repair. Quality is a singular determinant, regardless of whether spares are new, used, or OEM components. We recognise it, we know it, and that’s all you’ll get from us. We like to offer a huge added value in our expertise freely shared with you – we want to see you again. A.S.A.P. Spares knows you’ve got a list of your own personally nominated suppliers for all that you might need in this life, because you’re smart. We aim to be the “auto spares” entry on that list. One aim.

It’s what has allowed us to grow from a pipsqueak dealership to one of the biggest in 20 short years. Call us and eliminate the angst around auto parts by letting us be your trusted supplier!