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Suzuki is a popular – and one of the most trusted – vehicle brands in South Africa, for many good reasons, like their unfailing reliability and trendy styling. However, few people are aware of how all the different parts work that keep their Suzukis’ wheels rolling. If you need to buy Suzuki parts, it is a good idea to have a basic understanding of some of its most important components, and what they do. To that end, let us take a closer look at your Suzuki’s radiator, and its importance in helping your car provide reliable transportation for you every day.

A radiator can best be summed up as a sort of heat exchanger. Its purpose is to move heat from the hot coolant that runs through it to the air blowing through it. Many modern vehicles feature aluminium radiators, made from thin, brazed aluminium fins. The coolant moves from the inlet to the outlet of the radiator, through a variety of tubes framed in parallel arrangement. The fins conduct the heat from the tubes, moving it to the air that blows through the radiator. At low speed, this airflow is fan-assisted.

Radiators are not often thought about, until they go wrong. So, give a thought to your radiator, reliably doing its job, year in and year out. It has an extremely important job of cooling your engine, an if its function becomes impaired in any way, it could spell disaster for – or total failure of – your engine. In combination with the water pump (circulating the coolant) and the thermostat (regulating how much coolant is circulated), your radiator keeps your engine in the ideal operating temperature range.

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