The case can be made that Opel has lost its former lustre in South Africa in recent years. Thankfully, this now seems to be a thing of the past, what with the resurgence of the brand. In the wake of General Motors’ restructuring and eventual withdrawal from the South African market, the German automaker was left behind. Having been owned by GM at the time, they almost disappeared from the local market as well, along with the golden-bowtie brand. Luckily, the PSA Group in France, owners of Peugeot and Citroën, stepped in and bought GM’s European division – and Opel along with it. So, they are still on the roads in South Africa and now benefit from renewed investment and a brace of new models. The GSI badge has made a comeback and there is even speak of OPC-badged Opels coming up. The future certainly looks bright for the brand.

Spares for Your Opel

Opel Spares

With GM leaving in a huff and Chevrolet cars’ maintenance handed over to Isuzu in South Africa, Opel owners were, understandably, apprehensive about the stability of parts availability – and pricing. Most of these fears now seem to have been allayed with PSA’s acquisition of the automaker but that does not mean that buying new Opel spares from the agents is cheap. Almost no OEM’s parts are cheap when bought this way. However, you have an alternative. We can also sell you Opel spares but at lower prices. And you have the freedom and flexibility to opt for used parts if you want.

Sometimes, there is simply no need to buy new spares, especially if you want to save money. Drivers of the older Kadetts and Astras have found that these cars can be good for hundreds and thousands of kilometres if cared for properly. However, such an old car is not worth much and one does not want to over-capitalise on it by spending a fortune on brand-new spares. In any event, in most cases, spares for cars older than 10 years old are not available from the agents anymore at all. That is where we come in. We buy accident-damaged and written-off vehicles in and around Pretoria and strip them for salvageable parts so you have access to a steady supply of used Opel spares.

If we don’t have a specific part in stock, we will look for it elsewhere. We may very well be able to find whatever it is that you are looking for because we have a vast supplier network. Simply enquire at our shop in Pretoria West for more information on this service. If you wish, you can make use of this service from the comfort of your living room without even having to visit us. Complete the request-a-part web form on our website and we will start looking for your part at once and let you know once we have found it. Finding spares has never been this easy or this affordable.

Best of all, we also offer this exact same service to owners of Chevrolets, Citroëns, Opel, Renault, and Peugeot. Contact us today.