Want to Buy Car Parts from Scrapyards?

Are you looking for reliable spares or parts for your vehicle?  Do you need easy access to affordable parts and spares on a regular basis?  Are you willing to look at used parts?  If yes, you may want to buy car parts from scrapyards, as there is a range of benefits associated with doing this.

Scrapyards are businesses that specialise in the salvaging of vehicles that are accident damaged, decommissioned or abandoned.  Once the vehicles have been towed on site, an inventory is made of all parts that could possibly be used, and parts that are in high demand are usually removed and checked for safety, before being resold to customers.  If you buy car parts from scrapyards, you must know that these parts are usually claimed from vehicles that could be accident damaged, but this does not necessarily have to mean that they are not safe.  Often, vehicles are written off just because fixing it will cost more than the value of the vehicle, but the vehicle itself could still be quite new with lots of parts that are in great condition.  Scrapyard managers will usually be able to give you a very good idea about the reliability and condition of the part, and the better suppliers will even offer guarantees on the part.

4 Benefits of Buying from Scrapyards:

  • Cost:  The cost of a used part or spare is much less than a new one – especially if you are looking for parts that are typically only imported or sold by the manufacturer.  Generic parts do exist and you can save money on these, but finding a manufacturer’s part in good condition at a scrapyard will be cheaper and probably work better with your vehicle.  Used parts are even cheaper if you remove them yourself, but you have to ensure that the scrapyard around you is safe and well managed before you start to salvage from the yard.
  • Availability:  While manufacturers, and parts and spares suppliers might not have access to certain parts, scrapyards often do, especially if they are well managed and keep their eyes peeled for particular spares.  Those who have been in the business for a while usually know what to look out for and provide, and they ensure that they have access to parts that are in high demand, or very difficult to find.  There are also many scrapyards around from which you can salvage.
  • Quality:  A lot of scrapyards will ensure that you get good quality parts, and will only sell parts and spares that they have reconditioned, or restored to their original condition, and they will provide money-back guarantees for a certain period.
  • Green:  Recycling of anything is better for the environment.  When considering the carbon footprint of the manufacturing process, transport and distribution of the part, it is best to avoid having to make a new part if an old one can be used.  This means that if you recycle old parts, it results in less landfill space being taken up, and less of a detrimental effect on the environment.


If you want to buy car parts from scrapyards, give our team a call to find out more about our well-maintained and well-organised scrapyard, as well as our wonderful array of quality products.  Call A.S.A.P. Spares today!